“Big A may be in Moosehead County!”

Searching BannerPreviously: “Indeed,” Big Mac agreed, “Eventually, perhaps, Cu-Cu will learn something.”

“We can hope,” Linda replied, and then cracked-wise, “But, until then we’ll be wasting precious time enjoying fine food.”

“There is that,” Joey added as he flipped the steaks.”

“Hey Mac—did you lose your truck?” Ralph asked.

“Nope,” Mac replied, “Collie wanted it—so I found a nice 2009 Honda CRV—much better mileage than the truck.”

“That’s a fair trade—I imagine Collie doesn’t drive a lot.”

“No, she doesn’t,” Mac replied, “But when she does—she seems to find big objects to bring home—like a new davenport, for example.”

“She helps T with her projects—most won’t fit in either of our cars,” Boomer added.

“Now we know who to ask,” Ralph added, “When our projects won’t fit in our cars.”

“See,” Mac replied, “It all works-out.”

Season 18—Adventure 3—SEARCHING— Episode 3—Scene 1… Inside Boomer’s Farmhouse… Boomer had been in the farmhouse kitchen—doing the dishes—when he received a call from Lieutenant Silverthorn, “Boomer—we believe Big A may be in the county.”

“We’re not far away—at our farm,” Boomer replied, “We’re on our way!”

Boomer charged into the living room, “Big A may be in Moosehead County!”

Inside Boomer's Farmhouse“Big A may be in Moosehead County!”

“Oh BOY!” Chris exclaimed—rubbing her hands together, “Saddle-up gang!”

“Hold-on, folks,” Mac said, “The operative word here is ‘may,’ let’s take our time and do some planning.”

“It is true,” Linda added, “We have moved too fast before and I believe that allowed him to escape.”

“I think we should arrive a few days apart,” Debra suggested, “Maybe send one or two to gather information, “While the rest cool our heels in Duluth and Two Harbors.”

“You know what?” Boomer asked rhetorically, “There’s a place near Grand Marais—the Log Cabin Motel, that is high on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior, and it is hidden from the highway.”

“Perfect,” Mac replied, “See if you can make reservations.”

Episode 3—Scene 2… The Old Log Cabin Motel… Boomer made the reservations—and the Posse™ soon arrived at the motel.

The Posse slowed to enter the Old Log Motel near Grand Marais ©Jack BoardmanThe Posse™ soon arrived Old Log Cabin Motel.

“There sure is a lot of traffic,” Chris observed, “For a weekday.”

“Who knew they’d be so busy?’ Mac asked.

“The owners, perhaps” Chris replied, “That would be my guess.”

“Should we look elsewhere, Mrs. Earp?” Wyatt asked.

“We’re here, Mister Earp—we might as well check the place out.”

Our story will be Continued…

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7 Responses to “Big A may be in Moosehead County!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Just love our adventures!!

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  2. lhalvor says:

    I love the log cabin.

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