Mac met with Chris, Debra, Boomer, and Joey.

Searching Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “What’s wrong with it?” Chris asked.

“It’s too easy to find,” Mac replied, “We need a more secluded location.”

“Any ideas?”

“Yes,” he replied, “Camille Farkleberry has a place in mind, and we have an appointment to see the property.”

“Oh boy, I can’t wait to check it out.”

“I’m going alone for the first visit, Chris,” Mac replied, “If the wrong people drive past…”

“Gotcha, you will take photos.”

“Of course—and you all can happen to drive-by, one car at a time.”

Inside the Duluth Condo “Well, gentlemen—it’s time to get to work.”

“I’ll head to Grandma’s and see what opportunities present themselves,” Andy Reed offered.

“And I will head downtown,” Erik O’Hara said, “There must be ‘opportunities’ there as well.”

“Very well, gentlemen,” Davenport replied, “I’ll be leaving now for Moosehead County—I’ve reserved rooms at the Lakeside Hotel for all of us plus four additional rooms for any new hires.”

“We’ll find you there,” O’Hara replied as they left.

Season 18—Adventure 3—SEARCHING— Episode 5—Scene 1… Inside the new Posse HQ… Mac met with Chris, Debra, Boomer, and Joey.

Mac met with Chris Debra Boomer and Joey ©Jack BoardmanMac met with Chris, Debra, Boomer, and Joey.

“This is amazing,” Chris was very impressed, “Nearly impossible to see from the road—and LOOK at the view out the kitchen window.”

“Not only that—but personal quarters for all of us,” Linda added, “We can stay here for weeks at a time.”

“We’ll need to hire someone we can trust to operate the control-center downstairs,” Mac added

“I know of two people we can trust,” Chris Earp replied, “Marshal McKinney and Heather McLeod—I met them several years ago, and I believe they’re both looking for new jobs.”

“Can you contact them?”

“Yes, I’ll get right on it.”

Chris made the call, and a few minutes later, she reported back, “They’ll be here in twenty-minutes.”

Episode 5—Scene 2… Inside the new Posse HQ… Nineteen minutes later both arrived…  “Welcome to our headquarters,” Mac greeted the two, “Chris—will you show them to the Operations Center, please?”

Twenty minutes later, Chris returned, “They’re pretty excited about the position, and loved the view out onto Lake Superior!”

“They accepted?” Mac asked.

“Oh yeah—they sure did!”

“Are they just hanging-out?”

“Nope,” Chris laughed, “They’re already at work!”

“They’re already at work!”

“Really?” Mac asked, “You did pretty-well—for a girl!”

MAC!” Chris exclaimed.

Posse HQ lower levelMAC!”

Big Mac’s laughter probably could be heard two counties away.

Episode 5—Scene 3… Inside “The Rustic Café” in Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota… Andy Reed offered jobs to two new men, Brian Wright & Henry Jones—after a thorough interview & background check.

“You need to talk money, Mr. Reed,” Wright replied, “We don’t work for free.”

Inside the Rustic Cafe“We don’t work for free.”

“That will be determined by Mr. Davenport, gentlemen,” Reed replied, “My experience is that he’ll pay in the fifty-thousand-dollar range to start.”

Our story will be Continued…

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4 Responses to Mac met with Chris, Debra, Boomer, and Joey.

  1. lhalvor says:

    I like staying for weeks at a time!

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Shame on you Mac 😁 😂 🤣

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