“I bet it’s us.”

Searching BannerPreviously: “You two have a wet-work assignment.”  “Already?” James replied, “We thought that kind of assignment would seldom be required.:

“That’s true—however it has become necessary,” Reed replied, “This ‘Posse,’ has become a real problem for us up in Danger Bay—they’ve disappeared from their headquarters and the buildings are for sale.”

“Are they THAT dangerous?” Wright asked.


Season 18—Adventure 3—SEARCHING—Episode 7—Scene 1Inside Silverthorn’s Café in Danger Bay, Minnesota… Reed & James found and hired four additional men, Tommy Clyde, Rudy Peterson, Ed Johnson, and Pete Hansen, to help with their assignment—they spoke quietly where they were unlikely to be overheard.

“Gentlemen; we have some work for you.”

Andy Reed Interviewed possible new hires ©Jack Boardman“Gentlemen; we have some work for you.”

“What kind of work Mr. Reed?” Tommy Clyde asked.

“The kind of wet-work you’ll be well-paid for doing.”

“That works for me,” Clyde replied.

The other men agreed with Tommy Clyde.

What they didn’t know was that Janelle Silverthorn heard everything—she quietly notified her Hiram Silverthorn, Jr.

Unfortunately—they left before he and his deputies arrived.

Episode 7—Scene 2Inside the Posse Headquarters™… Heather McLeod arrived with important news, “Some guys are planning a hit—on somebody.”

“Any clue as who they want to hit?” Mac asked.

“No Mac,” she replied.

“I bet it’s us.”

Heather McLeod met wiith Chris Debra Boomer Joey & Linda ©Jack Boardman“I bet it’s us.”

“You may be correct, Chris,” Mac replied, “We’d best prepare.”


“By making some simple arrangements,” Mac replied, “Like hiring a caretaker for when we’re away from our HQ, and when we’re here—keeping the gate closed. That’s exactly why we transplanted all those evergreen trees.”

Episode 7—Scene 3Outside the Posse Headquarters™… Texas James stopped in front of the Posse HQ… James peered through the gate—and saw nothing.

Texas James stopped in front of the Posse HQJames peered through the gate—and saw nothing.

His vision was blocked by the (transplanted) evergreen trees—and then was startled by a voice coming from a nearby loud-speaker, “This is private property—do NOT attempt to enter—there are armed-guards on-patrol and you may be shot on sight!”

He quickly drove-off thinking a return in-force may be an option.

Episode 7—Scene 4Inside the Posse Headquarters™… Heather McLeod burst into the great-room from the Ops-Center… “We’ve had a visitor!”“Really?” Chris replied, “A description?”

McLeod walked to the upstairs monitor and played the video.

“I’ve seen him before,” Chris observed, “But where?”

Our story will be Continued…

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5 Responses to “I bet it’s us.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    ***SIGH*** they are clever in finding us! Glad we are going to be prepared and will be able to foil the plans again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lhalvor says:

    I’ll beat em with my cane.

    Liked by 1 person

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