“Mr. O’Hara—the Posse is in Danger Bay!”

Starting Over ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Episode 1—Scene 3… Outside Davenport’s new Cabin overlooking Lakeview City… Davenport and Erik O’Hara originally were bringing AJ Reed to look at the cabin—but he never made it there—he’s currently wearing cement-overshoes at the bottom of Lake Superior.

“This place is difficult to find.”  “That’s a plus, Erik,” Davenport replied, “A great place away from my condo-apartment.”

“Too bad about Andy.”

“He screwed-up.”

“What about the so-called ‘Posse’?”

“We’ll bide our time with them—that way they’ll probably lose interest in us.”

“What of the Militia?”

“There are only two left,” Davenport replied, “They made no mistakes, the posse just had better than expected defenses.”

“Do you want me to contact them?”

“I already have.”

Season 18—Adventure 4—Starting Over—Episode 2—Scene 1The Port of Danger Bay, Minnesota… The Posse™ arrived in Danger Bay hoping to score some breakfast.

The Posse™ arrived in Danger Bay hoping to score some breakfast.

With Debra and Joey (as usual) on their bikes, and the rest of the Posse™ in cars—they rumbled (courtesy of Debra’s Harley) into town.

The usual townsfolk were out—and greeted our heroes with grins & waves.

It was a little past breakfast-menu-time—but Janelle Silverthorn conjured-up their various breakfast orders, “To what do we have the honor of your presence?”

“Hunger, Kiwi,” Mac grinned, “And getting our new headquarters ready.”

“How’s it coming?” Hiram Silverthorn asked.

“We’re almost done—we just have to put the finishing-touches on the garages.”

“That’s odd,” Janelle observed, “Stanley Davenport was just about to come-in, and he turned around and walked away.”

“Who’s he?” Debra asked.

“New resident of Lakeview City,” Kiwi replied, “He has a cabin up on the bluff.”

Episode 2—Scene 2Inside Davenport’s Cabin… “Mr. O’Hara—the Posse is in Danger Bay!”

O'Hara Reported to Davenport ©Jack Boardman“Mr. O’Hara—the Posse is in Danger Bay!”

“Are you sure, Stan?”

“Absolutely sure,” He replied, “We need to find out where.”

“Perhaps you are hungry?”

“I’m on my way to Silverthorn’s now.”

Episode 2—Scene 3Inside Silverthorn’s Café…  The Posse™ was still there—lingering after breakfast to get caught-up on the local gossip.

“Good morning Mr. O’Hara.”

“Good morning Mr. O’Hara.”

“Good morning, Janelle—what’s the lunch special today?”

“Corned beef and cabbage,” she replied, “With baking-powder biscuits.”

“Perfect,” he replied and then turned to our heroes, “I’ve not seen you in town before.”

“We’re just visiting,” Mac rumbled with a grin, “On our way to Canada.”

All the Silverthorn family understood immediately that O’Hara was not to be trusted.

And by extension—Mr. Davenport.

Our story will be Continued…


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