“Time to take them out.”

BannerPREVIOUSLY: Aboard the MV Ina May Griffith—heading North…

“Ahhhhh,” Chris observed, “This—is wonderful!”

“It certainly is, Mrs. Earp,” Wyatt replied.

“Where’s the kitchen?” Joey asked.

“The galley is downstairs,” Linda replied.

“There’s a downstairs?”

“Yup—Cu-Cu!” Linda replied, “Right through that door to you left.”

“I should have guessed,” Joey replied as he walked to the door.

Episode 3—Scene 5… Joey Magee met Karma Outside the Posse™ HQ … “Who—or WHAT are you?”

“I am Karma—your worst nightmare,” She replied, “If you value your miserable life, Mr. Magee—you’ll get out of here—NOW!”

He did just that.

Season 18—Adventure 4—Starting Over—Episode 4—Scene 1On the road near the Posse™ HQ… Joey Magee was nobody’s fool—and although Karma frightened him, he set-about making a new plan. He knew they were heading for Canada—at least that’s what he’d been told.

He drove until he found a rest stop overlooking Lake Superior.

Magee saw the Posse's boat ©Jack BoardmanHe drove until he found a rest stop overlooking Lake Superior.

Barely visible in the bay was the MV Ina May Griffith.

He immediately made his way down to the bay and did two things: rented a fast runabout and contacted several associates he knew and asked them to meet him there.

A half-hour later Magee and his—um—associates—were in pursuit of the Griffith.

Episode 4—Scene 2Aboard the MV Ina May Griffith… Joey served his usual fine-food-fare as the Griffith continued her journey towards Canada (of COURSE they’re NOT going to Canada, GENTLE READER™)

“Oh YUM!” Debra exclaimed.

The MV INA MAY GRIFFITH heading North on Lake Superior ©Jack Boardman“Oh YUM!”

The others had to agree.

They chowed-down the tasty-fare with wild-abandon.

“We should consider where we’re going to hide—we know there’ll be someone chasing us.” Debra said as she finished her meal.

“Agreed,” Mac replied, “but first, we must deal with the boat that appears to be following us.”

In the distance there was indeed a boat pacing them. It didn’t appear to be closing the distance from them—but it was still a valid concern.

“And if they are following?” Chris Earp asked.

“Good point,” Mac replied, “In five minutes we’ll increase our speed and see what happens.”

Episode 4—Scene 3Aboard the Runabout… “We must not close the distance to them just yet.”

The speedboat slowed to a stop ©Jack Boardman“We must not close the distance to them just yet.”

“Why not, Magee?” Al Jones asked.

“We don’t want them to pay too-much attention to us,” Magee replied, “The idea is to see if they are going to Canada.”

Five minutes later Magee noticed their quarry had increased speed.

“They’re on to us,” He said as he pushed the runabout to full-speed, “Time to take them out.”

“Finally!” Jones exclaimed.

Our story will be Continued…

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5 Responses to “Time to take them out.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Somehow I am not afraid and my finger is twitching 🙂

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  2. lhalvor says:

    Nice wayside picture

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