“Bringing the Griffith to Warp one, Captain!”

Starting Over ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Oh YUM!” Debra exclaimed.

The others had to agree.

They chowed-down the tasty-fare with wild-abandon.

“We should consider where we’re going to hide—we know there’ll be someone chasing us.” Debra said as she finished her meal.

“Agreed,” Mac replied, “but first, we must deal with the boat that appears to be following us.”

In the distance there was indeed a boat pacing them. It didn’t appear to be closing the distance from them—but it was still a valid concern.

“And if they are following?” Chris Earp asked.

“Good point,” Mac replied, “In five minutes we’ll increase our speed and see what happens.”

Episode 4—Scene 3… Aboard the Runabout… “We must not close the distance to them just yet.”

“Why not, Magee?” Al Jones asked.

“We don’t want them to pay too-much attention to us,” Magee replied, “The idea is to see if they are going to Canada.”

Five minutes later Magee noticed their quarry had increased speed.

“They’re on to us,” He said as he pushed the runabout to full-speed, “Time to take them out.”

“Finally!” Jones exclaimed.

Season 18—Adventure 4—Starting Over—Episode 5—Scene 1On Lake Superior… Aboard the MV Ina May Griffith… “They’re closing fast!”

Chris thought they were being followed ©Jack Boardman“They’re closing fast!”

“They are Chris,” Mac replied.

“I suggest we increase speed to maximum impulse, Captain,” Boomer suggested—smiling.

“You watch entirely too much Star-Trek,” Linda quipped.

“Full impulse it is,” Mac laughed, “Make it so—helm!”

“You too, Mac?”

“Me too, Linda.”

Boomer pushed the throttle to full-power—and the MV Griffith responded like a thoroughbred horse out of the gate.

Episode 5—Scene 2On Lake Superior… The runabout closed on the MV Ina May Griffith… “It appears we’ll need warp speed now, helmsman, make it so!” Mac commanded.

Boomer grinned, “Bringing the Griffith to Warp one, Captain!”

Too bad you lose ©Jack Boardman“Bringing the Griffith to Warp one, Captain!”

“Stop it!” Linda exclaimed.

Boomer & Mac laughed in response, as Boomer lowered the four hydroplane-propellers.

The Griffith quickly out-ran the runabout.

“Gee,” Chris observed, “I wonder what they’re thinking now?”

“Probably what they’ll tell their employer,” Mac replied, “I’d like to know who they are working for.”

“What now, Captain?”

“We find a cove to hide in, Mr. Worf,” Mac replied.

“Stop it!” Linda exclaimed—again.

“Make it so, helmsman.”


Episode 5—Scene 3On Lake Superior… The runabout slowed… “Now what, Magee?”

The speedboat slowed to a stop ©Jack Boardman“Now what, Magee?”

“We report back to O’Hara, Mr. Helms.”

“He won’t be happy.”

“We’ll continue down the coast for another hour or so,” Magee replied, “Just to be sure.”

Our story will be Continued…

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7 Responses to “Bringing the Griffith to Warp one, Captain!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I took am a Trekkie so keep it up:)

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  2. lhalvor says:

    Me too.

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  3. lhalvor says:

    I can’t do that Vulcan finger thing though. I’d like Klingon lessons though.

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  4. lhalvor says:

    Friday @the Dock. 1 pm.

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