Starting Over BannerPREVIOUSLY: “I’ll settle for that worm, O’Hara.”

“Yes—that would cripple Davenport,” Wilson replied, “But still.”

“Agreed,” Hopkins sighed, “We need to take our time and be patient to succeed.”

“What about the Posse?”

“They are another story,” He replied, “They’re a dangerous bunch.”

“I understand they include a former Sergeant-Major who made a name for himself in ‘Nam.”

“Precisely my point,” Hopkins replied, “He is a legend in the Army Special Forces.”

“He’s must be pretty-old by now.”

“That may be our only hope.”

“What of the others?” Wilson asked.

“I’ve done some research—there’s a direct descendant of Wyatt Earp among them,” Hopkins replied, “Whose gun-handling is as fine as his ancestors’ was reputed to be.”


“They all are accomplished gun-handlers—there is one—I believe goes by ‘Boomer,’ who favors a Remington .44.”

“That seems a bit foolish,” Jones observed, “Why?”

“Because what he lacks in speed—is balanced by his accuracy.”

“No matter against a submachine gun.”


Meanwhile—at the Posse HQ™…

Season 18—Adventure 4—Starting Over—Episode 8—Scene 1At the Posse HQ™… “We’ve received word from Cu-Cu.”

An emrgency meeting was held at the Posse HQ ©Jack Boardman“We’ve received word from Cu-Cu.”

“Okay, Mac,” Joey replied, “Good word?”

“Yeah,” Chris added, “Don’t hold-back—tell us.”

“There’s been a hit put out on Davenport—and us.”

“Really?” Linda asked, “How have we earned that, and who is Davenport?”

“Davenport may well be Big-A.”

“You’re kidding—right Mac?”

“No—I’m not,” Mac replied, “And I think we should defend him—just this time.”

“That’s asking a lot.”

“The enemy you know vs the one more dangerous—it seems to be a no-brainer to me.”

“I recon it’s time to gear-up and head-out!” Chris exclaimed—grinning.”

“Do we know where he’s hiding?” Debra asked.

“Cu-Cu does,” Mac replied, “He’s hiding in a cabin near Lakeview City.”

“Let’s ROLL!” Chris Earp exclaimed—to no one’s surprise.

Episode 8—Scene 2Inside Davenport’s Cabin… “Hello—Biggass!”

Inside Davenport's Cabin ©Jack Boardman“Hello—Biggass!”

“How?” Stanley Davenport asked.

“Easy, using your real first-name gave you away,” Mac rumbled with a wide grin, “And you need our help—there’s been a hit put-out on you”


“Captain Frank Hopkins—commander of a militia company—way more dangerous to you than we are.”

“And Mr. O’Hara?”

“He’s on his own.”


“Okay,” Mac rumbled, “He goes with you.”

“Pack your bags, Biggass,” Chris Earp ginned, “You just had your miserable life saved.”

Allen Stanley Simpson (AKA Stanley Davenport) did just that—and they were soon on the road.

NOW—as to the threat posed by Hopkins…

Our story will be Continued…

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