“Who is there?”

Hopkins BannerPREVIOUSLY: “We are as ready as we can be,” Big Mac was satisfied with the preparations, “Now—we wait.”

“I like the fact that Moosehead County decided to make road repairs on the only road leading here from the highway,” Chris Earp observed, “At our request.”

“Yeah,” Joey added, “The County Commissioner was grateful for my recipe for gratis soup.”

“All we have to do,” Boomer said, “Is wait—I HATE waiting.”

“I wonder what preparations the county sheriff has made,” Debra, “They were going to help us—right?”

“She said she didn’t have any available deputies,” Mac replied, “How DID she get elected?”

“I hear a helicopter!” Linda exclaimed.

The attack by the militia was short-lived—the Huey was badly damaged by Wyatt and Ralph, causing it to fly away and crash-land on the lake. Both occupants survived.

The ground attackers didn’t fare any better—all but Captain Hopkins died under the fire of Wyatt and Ralph.

Season 18—Adventure 5—HOPKINS—Episode 1—Scene 1Outside Hopkins’ Base-Camp… “The first thing on our agenda is to find another place for our HQ.”

“Why?” Wilson Jones asked.

“Because this so-called Posse will find this camp.”

“I know of a vacancy,” Jones grinned—wickedly, “Davenport’s cabin.”

“Good idea,” Hopkins replied, “I’ll see if I can find who owns the cabin.”

“Perhaps I can help you,” A disembodied voice interrupted.

“Who is there?”

Hopkins' Cabin Interior with Juco  ©Jack Boardman“Who is there?”

“I am Juco,” the voice replied as a specter-like image of a dog appeared, “I know who owns this place—and she would love to unload it.”

“What, exactly, are you, Juco?”

“For now—just a friend who detests the Posse,” he replied, “Here are directions to the cabin.”

Episode 1—Scene 2Outside the Cabin… “WOW!” Staff-Sergeant Jones exclaimed, “Look at that view!”

Outside Hopkins’ New Base-Camp ©Jack Boardman“Look at that view!”

“The Posse certainly can’t sneak-up on us from the lake,” Hopkins observed, “And we can place sensors & cameras on the road leading here in both directions.”

It was as he spoke that Juco arrived, “Let’s look at the interior, gentlemen.”

Episode 1—Scene 3Inside Hopkins’ Cabin with Juco… After touring the entire cabin Hopkins and company gathered in the great-room.

“Are you satisfied?”

Hopkins' Cabin Interior with Juco  ©Jack Boardman“Are you satisfied?”

“Quite satisfied, Juco,” Hopkins replied, “Now—about the Posse, and their ally, Cujo*.”

“I’ll deal with them—I have an advantage they won’t expect!”

Cue scary-music… “DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!

(* I’ve decided, GENTLE READER™, to revert to Cujo’s real name and hope Mr. King doesn’t mind terribly, she was our beloved half-beagle—half malamute in real life 1989-2002)

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    WOW!!! They are like Parasites that just never give up!!

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