“What, exactly, is your advantage?”

Hopkins Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “WOW!” Staff-Sergeant Jones exclaimed, “Look at that view!”

“The Posse certainly can’t sneak-up on us from the lake,” Hopkins observed, “And we can place sensors & cameras on the road leading here in both directions.”

It was as he spoke that Juco arrived, “Let’s look at the interior, gentlemen.”

After touring the entire cabin Hopkins and company gathered in the great-room.

“Are you satisfied?”

“Quite satisfied, Juco,” Hopkins replied, “Now—about the Posse, and their ally, Cujo*.”

“I’ll deal with them—I have an advantage they won’t expect!”

Cue scary-music… “DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!”

(* I’ve decided, GENTLE READER™, to revert to Cujo’s real name and hope Mr. King doesn’t mind terribly, she was our beloved half-beagle—half malamute in real life 1989-2002)

Season 18—Adventure 5—HOPKINS—Episode 2—Scene 1 Inside Hopkins’ Cabin with Juco… “What, exactly, is your advantage?” Hopkins asked.

Hopkins' Cabin Interior with Juco ©Jack Boardman“What, exactly, is your advantage?”

“I have no scruples—Cujo has them.”

“Well,” Hopkins grinned, “Let’s get started with our preparations.”

It’s too bad Juco didn’t detect ghost-dogs Mattie and Daisy lurking within their collective ear-shot of their conversation.

Perhaps Cujo had something to do with that?

In any case Hopkins and company set-about setting-up their static defenses:

They placed sensors near the road in each direction starting a mile away—and ending a hundred yards from the compound.

Episode 2—Scene 2Ghost Dogs Daisy & Mattie were outside Hopkin’s Cabin…  “Well,” Mattie barked, “Isn’t that interesting.”

Ghost Dogs Daisy & Mattie heard every word ©Jack Boardman“Isn’t that interesting.”

“It sure is,” Daisy bayed (beagles like to bay), “Should we haunt them?”

“That would be fun—we can materialize after they set-up their sensors and bite the wires apart.”

“I hope they’re low-voltage—as does my mouth,” Daisy bayed a laugh.

As Hopkin’s gang installed the sensors—the two ghost-dogs waited until the gang-members were, at least, a mile away before they chewed-through the wires.

When Hopkins attempted to activate the system—it failed.

He then would send his crew out to repair the system—Hopkins would again test it.

The system continued to fail, and Hopkins blamed squirrels—and decided to quit wasting-time with it.

The ghost-dogs’ work was done—and they decided to see if Cujo anywhere around—she was, and the three of them had a grand time joking at Hopkins’ expense.

Episode 2—Scene 3Ghost Dogs Daisy & Mattie arrived inside the Posse HQ™… The two were beyond excited to report their success.

“And they tried to get their system working for hours, Joey,” Mattie barked a laugh, “And we waited a short time and chewed the wires again and again.”

“And never got caught!” Daisy laughed.

Inside the Posse HQ with Ghost Dogs ©Jack Boardman“And never got caught!”

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “What, exactly, is your advantage?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Buttons is very ill and may join the ranks of the Ghost dogs soon 😭😭😭


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