“Just wait until you see your palatial suites.”

Hopkins BannerPREVIOUSLY: Marshal Silverthorn arrested Hank Meadows, “Henry Meadows—I have a warrant for your arrest.”

“On what charge?” Meadows asked.

“Several,” Silverthorn replied, as he led him to his squad, “Up to and including murder in the first degree.”

“They’ll never stick!”

“We’ll just let a jury make that decision.”

Episode 5—Scene 4… Outside Big A’s House on Third Street in Danger Bay… “Go in shooting, boys!” Frank Hopkins ordered.

The only problem with that order—there was nobody inside.

Frank Hopkins was frustrated beyond a few choice expletives.

Season 18—Adventure 5—HOPKINS—Episode 5—Scene 1Outside Big A’s House on Third Street in Danger Bay… “We had good information that he was here!” Captain Hopkins exclaimed.

Hopkins and Company outside Simpson's ©Jack Boardman“We had good information that he was here!”

“Apparently,” SSgt Jones replied, “Not good enough.”

“That legal-weasel O’Hara lied to us,” Hopkins replied, “FIND HIM!”

They spend days upon days searching for O’Hara without success.

The Posse™ made certain of that—O’Hara and Big-A were going into in protective custody in the well-guarded US Marshal’s Compound in Moosehead City.

Episode 5—Scene 2Outside the Marshal’s Moosehead City Compound… The Posse™ arrived with Simpson and O’Hara, “Your new home, gentlemen.”

The Posse arrived at the Law Enforcement Center ©Jack Boardman“Your new home, gentlemen.”

“I just can’t wait to see our suite,” Simpson quipped, “How long will we be enjoying this place?”

“We’re not certain, Big-ass,” Mac replied, “Maybe forever?”


They parked and walked into the lobby.

Episode 5—Scene 3Inside the Witness Protection Center Lobby… “Here we are, gentlemen,” Chris wickedly smiled, “Just wait until you see your palatial suites.”

The entire Posse brought Simpson and O'Hara to the Witness Protection Lobby ©Jack Boardman“Just wait until you see your palatial suites.”

“I’m just bursting with excitement,” Simpson replied, “It’s got to be better than being shot to death.”

“Of THAT—I have no doubt,” Chris quipped.

Much to Simpson’s surprise—the rooms were well-appointed and comfortable, “For once I can appreciate the government’s work.”

“This isn’t a prison, Simpson,” Boomer replied, “That is likely your next stop.”

“Good luck with that!”

“You know, Big-ass,” Mac rumbled, “I’d just love to ‘chat’ with you—fist-to-face.”

Simpson did not reply.

Episode 5—Scene 4Inside Hopkins’ new Headquarters… “What’s next, Captain?” Staff Sergeant Wilson Jones asked.

Hopkins & Jones inside their new HQ ©Jack Boardman“What’s next, Captain?”

“We lay-low for now, Will,” Hopkins replied, “And carefully search for more troops.”

“With the emphasis on ‘carefully,’ I believe.”


Jones headed-out to see what possible new-hires he could find. In truth, Jones was probably the more skilled at this than Hopkins.

And more dangerous.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    WOW, these guys just never give up!!

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