“An excellent idea, Cooper—but why only two?”

Hopkins BannerPREVIOUSLY: “Of THAT—I have no doubt,” Chris quipped.

Much to Simpson’s surprise—the rooms were well-appointed and comfortable, “For once I can appreciate the government’s work.”

“This isn’t a prison, Simpson,” Boomer replied, “That is likely your next stop.”

“Good luck with that!”

“You know, Big-ass,” Mac rumbled, “I’d just love to ‘chat’ with you—fist-to-face.”

Simpson did not reply.

Episode 5—Scene 4… Inside Hopkins’ new Headquarters… “What’s next, Captain?” Staff Sergeant Wilson Jones asked.

We lay-low for now, Will,” Hopkins replied, “And carefully search for more troops.”

“With the emphasis on ‘carefully,’ I believe.”


Jones headed-out to see what possible new-hires he could find. In truth, Jones was probably the more skilled at this than Hopkins.

And more dangerous.

Season 18—Adventure 5—HOPKINS—Episode 6—Scene 1Inside a Dive Bar… Jones finds and hires recruits Cooper, Harris & Jonas.

They were all he could find who met his requirements.

“Gentlemen,” Jones said, “It appears you are the only ones who meet my requirements.”

Jones finds recruits Cooper, Harris & Jones at a Dive Bar ©Jack Boardman“It appears you are the only ones who meet my requirements.”

“I know a couple of others you may be interested in hiring,” Cooper replied, “If you’d consider females.”

“Maybe,” Jones replied, “But first—Captain Hopkins must approve.”

“I believe the females I know are more capable than most of the men I know,” He replied, “And they’ve never so much as interested cops.”

“We’ll ask the captain when we get back,” Jones replied.

Episode 6—Scene 2Inside Hopkins’ (Now remodeled) Cabin… When they returned to their headquarters, Cooper made his suggestion.

“An excellent idea, Cooper—but why only two?”

Inside Hopkin's Remodeled Cabin ©Jack Boardman“An excellent idea, Cooper—but why only two?”

“I’m sure they have friends, sir,” Cooper replied, “If you’d like, I’m willing to find out.”

“Do it.”

“I’ll tag-along, Cooper,” Jones replied, “If you don’t mind.”

“Happy to have you, boss.”

Episode 6—Scene 3Inside another Dive Bar… “Hey Missy,” Cooper greeted, “How’s it going?”

Hopkins' men and new Recruits  ©Jack Boardman“How’s it going?”

“Hey—old man, I’m great,” She replied, “You?”

“I have a proposition for you.”

“It’s about time,” she replied, “Let’s grab a motel room.”

“HA!” He laughed, “Maybe later—instead I have an employment opportunity.”

“Talk to me, sweetheart.”

“Would you ladies like to earn some serious money?”

“Define ‘serious,’ Darling.”

“Mr. Cooper?”

“It may require wet-work,” Cooper began, “Is that a problem?”

“If the compensation is high enough—no problem.”

Cooper made an offer.

“No problem,” Missy replied, “Now Cooper—about that motel room.”

Cooper laughed.

Our story will be Continued…

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