“It’s mighty quiet in town.”

Hopkins BannerPreviously: Simpson and O’Hara arrived…

“Hello, Big-Ass,” Boomer greeted, “What may we do for you?”

“Save my life,” He replied with a laugh, “The enemy you know.”

“Who, exactly, wants you dead?” Chris Earp asked.

“Captain Hopkins.”

“Oh—great!” Chris exclaimed, “So—let get this straight—Hopkins has recovered from our last encounter?”

“Yes—and he wants to kill me.”

“A really tough choice,” Boomer cracked wise, “Okay, we’ll help you.”

“You know?” Chris rejoined, “This could be fun.”

Episode 8—Scene 3— Inside Hopkins’ Cabin… “Okay, folks,” Hopkins said, “We are ready to take-on the so-called posse.”

“You think?” Alfred Cooper asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “They’re not always together—our new female members are not known to them.”

Season 18—Adventure 5—HOPKINS—Episode 9—Scene 1Inside the Posse Headquarters™… “Okay Allen,” Chris Earp smiled, “We’ll help you.”

Big A & O'Hara inside the Posse HQ ©Jack Boardman“We’ll help you.”

“You will?” He asked, “Why?”

“Because we know you—more importantly, Hopkins is a greater threat.”


Episode 9—Scene 2Cujo appeared Inside the Posse Headquarters™… “I will take you where they’ll never find you!”

Cujo arrived inside the Posse HQ ©Jack Boardman“I will take you where they’ll never find you!”


“19th Century Danger Bay.”

“What about Juco?”

“We have him under control,” She replied, “The Entity has imprisoned him—at least for the foreseeable future.”

“Does this imply we’ll heading back in time?” Boomer asked.

“Yes Alpha-Jack, it does.”

WOOOO-HOOOO!” Chris exclaimed, “Round ‘em up—head ‘em out!”

Episode 9—Scene 3Inside Hopkins’ HQ… “Okay, ladies, spread-out and FIND the Posse!” Hopkins ordered.

It appears you already have Mr. Cooper ©Jack Boardman“Okay, ladies, spread-out and FIND the Posse!”

“But—be careful to not let the so-called Posse know you’re searching for them,” Cooper cautioned.

“Are they really that good?” Ann Oakley asked.

“In a word—yes!”

“What of the rest of us?” Sgt Meadows asked.

“We’re short of funds,” Hopkins replied, “Pay a visit to financial sources and relieve them of some of their funds.”

“With pleasure.”

(You’ve got to know—GENTLE READER™—this will not end well for Meadows!)

Episode 9—Scene 4Outside Guudelender’s Bank… “It’s mighty quiet in town.”

Cooper & Company Arrived outside Guudlender's Bank ©Jack Boardman“It’s mighty quiet in town.”

“Everyone is going about their daytime business,” Meadows replied, “Perfect timing for us.”

“But still,” Jonas replied, “It’s a bit un-nerving.”

“Let’s just stroll the street for a while,” Meadows suggested, “Maybe get a cup of coffee at that café.”

“Yeah—that ought to steady our nerves,” Jonas laughed, “But still—a good idea.”

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “It’s mighty quiet in town.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Well, I been itching to put my gun belt on and ride a horse again 🙂

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