“Do you think that old man lied?”

Protecting Simpson BannerPREVIOUSLY:We must rest our horses,” Missy said, “We’ll proceed at the walk along this road.”

“Agreed,” Sarah replied, “We’ll give the horses an hour’s rest before we head-out.”

“That’s a good idea,” Eleanor Thomas replied.

Ralph Halvorson was outside the Posse Headquarters™ when Sarah Williams and Company rode-up, “Good afternoon, ladies.”

“Good afternoon, sir,” Missy replied, “Have you heard of a posse living in the area?”

“Posse?” Ralph replied, “No, I have not—isn’t a posse raised on an as needed basis?”

“Generally,” Missy replied, “But this posse is an organized operation.”

“This is quite a setup you have here,” Sarah asked, “What do you do here?”

“I raise horses,” He replied, “The tents and buildings house my wranglers.”

“Are you aware of any other large operations in the area?’

“I’m not sure, but I suppose there could be some farther out the road.”

“Thank you,” Williams replied, “We’ll be on our way.”

Season 18—Adventure 6—Protecting Simpson—Episode 9—Scene 1… On the road beyond the Posse HQ™…  Sarah McCoy, Sandra and Susan Williams and Eleanor Thomas continued to ride the road—and searching for the Posse Headquarters™…

“Do you think that old man lied?”

Missy and Company on the Road ©Jack Boardman“Do you think that old man lied?”

“I suppose it’s possible, Missy,” Eleanor replied, “It’s just as possible that we’re on the wrong road—or they’ve left the area.”

“I think we should report back to Carstairs,” Sandra Williams suggested, “We’ve covered every possible location in these parts.”

“Agreed,” Eleanor replied.

(I’m pretty-sure, GENTLE READER™, Carstairs will NOT be pleased.)

Episode 9—Scene 2… Outside the Posse Headquarters™… Chris & Wyatt Earp were returning to the HQ after patrolling the roads and searching—without finding any of their adversaries—when they met…

“Greetings, folks,” the man—wearing a deputy US Marshal’s badge, said, “I’m Wyatt Barry Stapp Earp and I’ve been sent here to assist you in protecting a mister Simpson.”

“Pleased to meet you, Great-Great-Great-Grandfather.”

Chris & Wyatt Earp meet the real Wyatt Barry Stapp Earp ©Jack Boardman“Pleased to meet you, Great-Great-Great-Grandfather.”

“Excuse me, sir” Earp replied, “How can this be?”

“I am Wyatt Barry Stapp Earp the Fourth—among other things—a time-traveler.”

Chris quietly called-out to Cujo, “We need you.”

“Once again—I live to serve,” She replied as she whisked Marshal Earp away to the 21st Century—returning almost before they left, “What a wonderous place—this 21st Century—but I am more comfortable here.”

“Would you mind, Grandfather, if we asked you to assist us in our time?”

“Let me ponder that, Wyatt,” He replied—grinning, “Our job now is to get Mister Simpson to safety—permanently.”

This ends another RIVETING ADVENTURE—But our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Our stay was so short! 😦

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