Carstairs Part II Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: Eleanor Thomas, Wild Bill Johnson, & Jim Smith died on the spot and the others hightailed it away—two of them, Sandra Williams and Jeremy Smith, were mortally wounded.

Of the Posse—only Boomer suffered a wound (as with all old-time westerns—it was only a flesh-wound).

“DAMMIT!” Boomer exclaimed, “Even a flesh-wound hurts like hell—it wasn’t like that on all the TV westerns I watched as a kid.”

“Real life wounds—especially my wounds hurt.” Joey observed.

“Yeah, but you are injury-prone, Joey,” Boomer replied.

“Yes, you are, Joey,” Linda cracked-wise, “Yes you are!”

“Do you think they’ll be back?” Ralph asked.

“I don’t believe so,” Mac replied, “We hurt them badly.”

“I wonder if Carstairs knows we sent Simpson to Deadwood?” Chris asked, “After all—it is Simpson they really want.”

Season 18—Adventure 1—CARSTAIRS Part 2—Episode 4… Scene 1… Sometime later—In Deadwood, Dakota Territory… Because of the speed of the Adventure Train—the Posse™ arrived days ahead of the Carstairs gang.

“Let’s look for a suitable Posse HQ.”

The Posse arrived in Deadwood ©J. Boardman“Let’s look for a suitable Posse HQ.”

“How about the hotel, Mac?” Chris Earp asked.

“We can check the hotel for vacancies, I suppose,” Mac replied, “And rent all the available rooms.”

“We should also check the cabin we used the last time we were here,” Boomer suggested.

“Yes,” Mac replied, “We’ll do that after we visit the hotel.”

Episode 4… Scene 2… The Posse met in the Hotel Lobby… “It appears we’re taking the last available rooms,” Mac rumbled, “That ought to provide some problems for Carstairs.”

The Posse met in the Hotel Lobby ©Jack Boardman“That ought to provide some problems for Carstairs.”

“I certainly hope so,” Chris Earp agreed, “It will give us more time to prepare—and maybe get Simpson & O’Hara to a safe place—like the 21st Century.”

“We’ve been there—exactly WHY we’re here.”

“Good point,” Chris replied, “Perhaps an OK Corral operation?”

“There is that possibility.”

Episode 4… Scene 3… The Carstairs bunch arrived in Deadwood… Their first stop was at the hotel—where they learned there were no vacancies.

Carstairs then went to the local land office where he learned of an abandoned cabin that might fit his needs—and they rode out to check it out.

The Cabin appeared to be perfect

Carstairs arrived at the Cabin ©Jack BoardmanThe Cabin appeared to be perfect

What Carstairs didn’t know—Boomer had told the land office clerk, “If anyone named Carstairs asks, George, send him out to our cabin and quote a rental rate as $20.00 a month.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh, we are so sneaky!!! O love it 🙂

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