“Where are they?”

Carstairs Part II Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “You must move behind the buildings—NOW!”

Neither questioned Cujo—their long association with her prevailed.

They dismounted and looked through the gap between the buildings and observed several riders passing through town, “They’re Carstairs’ men.”

“I figured,” Chris replied, “We’ll ride hard back into Deadwood.”

“No, Chris,” Cujo bayed (she IS half-beagle, after all), “Just ride slowly, as they have no idea who you are, or why you’re in town.”

“So, maybe we could just happen to be riding in the same direction?” Wyatt asked.

“Why not?” Cujo agreed.

Our heroes followed for some time before they caught-up the riders, “Howdy fellas—heading for town?”

“We’re trying—which fork ahead should we take?”

“The one on the left,” Chris replied, “We’re headed that way too.”

Season 18—Adventure 1—CARSTAIRS Part 2—Episode 6… Scene 1… On the Road with Carstairs’ gang… “How much further?”

On the Road with Carstairs Gang ©Jack Boardman“How much further?”

“Five or six miles,” Wyatt replied, “I’m not exactly sure, Mr. Truly, but we should be there in an hour or so.”

“You folks ever heard of a bunch calling themselves the posse?” Truly asked.

“Who hasn’t,” Chris Earp replied, “They are some dangerous hombres.”

“So are we,” Jim Driscoll said, “They’ll be no match for us!”

“Really,” Chris replied, “Tell me more—we might want to join you.”

“That depends,” Driscoll said, “Are you willing to kill if asked?”

“You’ve killed people?”

“We have,” Tom Truly replied, “Just yesterday we killed the banker in Flyspeck.”

“Really?” Wyatt asked, “And now?”

“Now, we are hunting someone named Simpson—who needs to be dead.”

“Thank you,” Wyatt grinned, “My name is US Deputy Marshal Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp—and you are under arrest.”

Both Wyatt & Chris Earp had their Remington .44s drawn and aimed in an eyeblink—Truly and company wisely surrendered.

Episode 6… Scene 2… Inside Carstairs’ Cabin… “Where are they?” Carstairs asked, “They should be here by now!”

Inside Carstairs Cabin ©Jack Boardman“Where are they?”

“I don’t know, Boss,” Sarah McCoy replied, “They should be here by now.”

“Get out there!” AJ Carstairs replied, “And FIND THEM!”

“Yes boss,” McCoy said as they left the cabin, “We’ll find them.”

After they left, Carstairs said to his brother, “I have a feeling they ran into and underestimated this posse.”

“Agreed,” AJ replied, “And now—we have to replace the ones we lost.”

“I picked the last new hires—now it’s your job.”

“Gee thanks brother.”

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “Where are they?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Pick em off by their own big mouths LOVE IT🤠😂🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack Boardman says:

      That and… [After they left, Carstairs said to his brother, “I have a feeling they ran into and underestimated this posse.”]


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