“What are you doing in here little lady?”

Carstairs Part II Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: Hello ladies,” AJ replied, “What kind of work?”

“We are the O’Donnell sisters—and we’re not interested ‘women’s work’ in the least,” Mary O’Donnell said quietly to avoid being overheard, “We are all skilled with Henry Rifles and Remington .44s.”

“And we are not afraid to use them—I’m Margery, and my sisters are Mary, Maude, and Megan.”

“Let’s go outside where we can talk,” AJ suggested, “Without being overheard.”

Episode 7… Scene 2… Inside the Posse’s Hotel Room… All but Wyatt & Chris Earp were in the room attempting to decide how to set-up an “OK Corral” situation…

“But first—I have to build an ‘OK Corral’.”

“Well,” Big Mac replied, “Get on it, Boomer.”

And with that—Boomer disappeared—heading for his image-maker in the REAL WORLD.

Moments later Boomer returned, “Got it done!”

“Got it done!”

“WOW!” Chris Earp exclaimed as she and Wyatt arrived in the room, “We’re going to call Carstairs out?”

“That would be the plan,” Mac replied.


“C’mon Cousin Linda,” Boomer grinned—wickedly, “Let’s visit the saloon and cause some trouble.”

“Just us?”

“Too many?”

Season 18—Adventure 1—CARSTAIRS Part 2—Episode 8… Scene 1… Inside Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon… Boomer and Linda sidled up to the bar—scanning the room as they sidled, “I don’t see any of Carstairs’ bunch here.”

“Be patient, Cousin Boomer,” Linda replied, “They’ll show-up—just like in the old television westerns.”

“Yes Linda—I’ll try.”

Moments later—a couple of bad guy movie extras (the kind who make their living by dying) walked into the saloon, “A bottle of whiskey, barkeep—NOW!”

“See?” Linda grinned.

“Oh—hush,” Boomer replied, suppressing a laugh.

One of the two bad guy movie extras decided to hassle our heroes, “What are you doing in here little lady?”

“What are you doing in here little lady?”

Linda & Boomer inside Nuttal and Mann's Saloon ©Jack Boardman“What are you doing in here little lady?”

Linda ignored him.

“I asked you a question—answer me!”

“Do you hear anything, cuzzin?”

“Horsefly, maybe,” Boomer replied.

Both the bad guy movie extras reached for their guns.

One died.

The other scurried-out of the saloon suffering a flesh-wound—surviving by a half-inch.

“Did you miss on purpose?” Linda asked.

“Yup,” He replied, “Somebody had to report back to Carstairs.”

“Thank you,” Hiram Smith, the barkeep said, “They’ve been driving our usual customers away.”

“We’ll contact Marshal Hickok and ask him to remove that fella on the floor,” Linda said, “We’ll follow the survivor.”

“Thank you.”

Carstairs will not be pleased—do we care, Gentle Reader?

Our story will be Continued…

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4 Responses to “What are you doing in here little lady?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Bad Guy (especially extra movie type 🎥🎞️📺) are so obnoxious!! Why do you suppose that is?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lhalvor says:

    Little lady? You’re very alliterative lately.

    Liked by 1 person

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