“What did you say?”

Carstairs Part II Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “What are you doing in here little lady?”

Linda ignored him.

“I asked you a question—answer me!”

“Do you hear anything, cuzzin?”

“Horsefly, maybe,” Boomer replied.

Both the bad guy movie extras reached for their guns.

One died.

The other scurried-out of the saloon suffering a flesh-wound—surviving by a half-inch.

“Did you miss on purpose?” Linda asked.

“Yup,” He replied, “Somebody had to report back to Carstairs.”

“Thank you,” Hiram Smith, the barkeep said, “They’ve been driving our usual customers away.”

“We’ll contact Marshal Hickok and ask him to remove that fella on the floor,” Linda said, “We’ll follow the survivor.”

“Thank you.”

Carstairs will not be pleased—do we care, Gentle Reader?

Season 18—Adventure 1—CARSTAIRS Part 2—Episode 9… Scene 1… Inside Carstairs’ Cabin… “What did you say?”

A Meeting inside Carstairs' Cabin ©Jack Boardman

“I said, Mr. Carstairs,” Dakota Kidd replied, “There was a shoot-out at Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon that has all the earmarks of the posse.”

“We know they’re here—but where?”

“Maybe right here in town?”

Carstairs thought for a moment before speaking, “That would explain why the hotel had no vacancies when we arrived.”

“What’s next, Boss?”

“I’m going to send our new women hires to hang around and in the hotel.”

Episode 9… Scene 2… Inside the Hotel Lobby… Marge & Maude O’Donnell were not known to the Posse™ and were very good at being invisible were not being visible in the hotel lobby.

Maude O’Donnell was in the Deadwood Hotel lobby when Boomer & Linda returned to the hotel, “These two must be part of the so-called posse.”

Boomer & Linda entered Deadwood Hotel Lobby ©Jack Boardman

(I wonder, Gentle Reader, WHAT was her first CLUE?)

Maude thought seriously about drawing her gun—but wisely gave-up that thought.

Instead, she walked-out of the hotel planning to return to Carstairs’ cabin.

Boomer & Linda noticed her and being who they were—recognized her as a bad guy—um—woman.

Chris and Wyatt Earp were outside the saloon when O’Donnell walked towards her horse, “Pardon me, ma’am,” Chris Earp addressed her.

“Yes?” she replied, “May I help you?”

“We are members of the Posse™, and we’d like you to take a message to Mister Carstairs.”

“Who is he?”

“Tell him we’ll meet him at the OK Corral in an hour,” Wyatt smiled.

“Why would I tell somebody I don’t know that?”

Wyatt laughed as he and Chris went into the hotel.

O’Donnell rode hard to Carstairs’ cabin.

Our story will be Continued…

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