Shootout at the OK Corral!

Carstairs Part II Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Maude O’Donnell was in the Deadwood Hotel lobby when Boomer & Linda returned to the hotel, “These two must be part of the so-called posse.”

 (I wonder, Gentle Reader, WHAT was her first CLUE?)

Maude thought seriously about drawing her gun—but wisely gave-up that thought.

Instead, she walked-out of the hotel planning to return to Carstairs’ cabin.

Boomer & Linda noticed her and being who they were—recognized her as a bad guy—um—woman.

Chris and Wyatt Earp were outside the saloon when O’Donnell walked towards her horse, “Pardon me, ma’am,” Chris Earp addressed her.

“Yes?” she replied, “May I help you?”

“We are members of the Posse™, and we’d like you to take a message to Mister Carstairs.”

“Who is he?”

“Tell him we’ll meet him at the OK Corral in an hour,” Wyatt smiled.

“Why would I tell somebody I don’t know that?”

Wyatt laughed as he and Chris went into the hotel.

O’Donnell rode hard to Carstairs’ cabin.

Season 18—Adventure 1—CARSTAIRS Part 2—Episode 10… Scene 1… Inside Carstairs’ Cabin… Maude reported to Carstairs and he smiled, and thought to himself, “NOW—we take them out—once and for all.”

Inside Carstairs Cabin ©Jack Boardman


“NOW—we take them out—once and for all.”

“Gather everyone together, Maude and prepare for battle!”

“Gladly boss—right away,” she replied.

Maude did just that—but it would take her some time to drag some of them out of the saloons and brothels they occupied—particularly the brothels.

Maude was a woman that, by experience, most (smart) men listened when she spoke.

Soon the entire gang was gathered outside the cabin, “We have the so-called posse outnumbered two to one—get ready!”

“What’s the plan, boss?” Ralph James asked.

“The posse is made-up of middle-aged and older people—which means age has slowed their reflexes—we show-up and don’t give them a chance to draw their guns.”

(Is this even possible, Gentle Reader, I reckon we’ll find out)

They rode away towards Deadwood full of confidence.

Episode 10… Scene 2… At the OK Corral… The Posse™ was already in place in the corral, and waiting, “Okay folks, get prepared.”

“Yes sir, Mac,” Boomer cracked-wise, “Right away—SIR!”

“A little more emphasis on the word ‘sir,’ if you don’t mind.”

Captain Boomer outranked Sergeant-Major McIntyre—but had deep respect for the tactical expertise Mac had—but simply HAD to tease his old friend—so he laughed.

About twenty-minutes later, Carstairs and his gang arrived.

The Posse and Carstairs at the OK Corral ©Jack Boardman


About twenty-minutes later, Carstairs and his gang arrived.

William & AJ Carstairs, Sarah McCoy, Sandra & Susan Williams, Dakota Kidd, Ralph James, Tom Truly, Jim Driscoll, & Jon Smith dismounted and arrayed themselves for combat.

When the shooting was over—the Carstairs gang were all dead or wounded.

William and AJ Carstairs and Maude O’Donnell were not among their number.

So ends this Adventure… But our story will be Continued…

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