“They’re going to come here.”

Return to Danger Bay BannerPREVIOUSLY: “Maybe Wyatt and I will join you,” Chris Earp said, “That would be more fun than reading.”

“Yes dear,” Wyatt replied, “Good idea.”

“Please keep in mind that Carstairs will probably want to hire a good deal more men before he comes here,” Mac cautioned.

“I certainly hope so,” Chris Earp said as she rubbed her hands together in anticipation, “I hope so.”

Episode 1… Scene 2… On the trail near Deadwood, Dakota Territory… “Okay, Boss,” Maude O’Donnell asked, “What’s next?”

“Rebuild our operation,” He replied, “Until we outnumber this so-called posse ten to one.”

“And then?”

“Since it appears that Simpson has escaped,” Carstairs said, “We return to Moosehead County and destroy the so-called Posse.”

The “rebuild” of Carstairs’ gang took several months—months during which the Posse engaged the local native community to augment their numbers.

Season 18—Adventure 2—Return to Danger Bay—Episode 2… Scene 1… Several months later inside the Posse HQ™…  “They’re going to come here.”

The Posse met in the Posse HQ ©Jack Boardman

“They’re going to come here.”

“I believe you’re right, Chris,” Boomer replied.

“We could have Cujo send us home to the 21st Century,” Linda suggested, “But that would endanger our friends here in the 19th Century.”

“Indeed,” Wyatt replied, “We must get the help of our Native friends.”

“I agree,” Deputy US Marshal Al Jones added, “We must prepare Danger Bay for war.”

“Very-well,” Chris Earp agreed, “I’ll contact Jimmy Silverthorn and ask for their help.”

“And I’ll see if we can get help from the US Marshal’s office in Moosehead City,” Al Jones added.

“I’ll see to our defenses here,” Korean War Marine veteran Ralph Halvorson added, “And arrange some surprises for Carstairs.”

(This all sounds pretty good, Gentle Reader, BUT will it be enough?)

Episode 2… Scene 2… Fifty miles away, on the Road to Moosehead County… Although Carstairs was not able to recruit a numerically ten-to-one advantage over the Posse, he did put together a very large number of recruits.

They’d been riding for several weeks.

Carstairs Army riding towards Moosehead County ©Jack Boardman

They’d been riding for several weeks.

Carstairs was in no hurry—he took time to train his gang as if they were in the army.

He was not without military experience—having served under General Sherman during the Civil War.

And he was ruthless, and disobedience was a capital offence.

AJ Carstairs was even more ruthless than his brother.

He took joy in meting-out justice.

He left the bodies of the miscreants to rot on the side of the trail.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. lhalvor says:

    Really really bad guys!

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