“Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!”

Return to Danger Bay Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Somehow I think you may have brought us trouble,” Silverthorn said.

“We need your help.”

“You have it, Chris.”

“Jimmy,” Boomer said, “Are you sure you want commit without knowing exactly what we need?”

“Let me guess,” Silverthorn replied, “We’ll be vastly outnumbered—our chances of surviving are slim—and the future of Moosehead County is in our hands?”

“You’ve been talking to Cujo.”

“No Chris—Karma Bigfeathers.”

Season 18—Adventure 2—Return to Danger Bay—Episode 4… Scene 1… The Village of Danger Bay… The entire Posse™ & Silverthorn Riders departed Danger Bay, “Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!”

The Posse & Silverthorn Riders departed Danger Bay ©Jack Boardman

“Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!”

“Really, Chris?” Boomer laughed, “Rawhide?”


“What are you talking about?” Silverthorn asked.

“21st Century humor,” Boomer replied.

“I think I’d like to visit your Century.”

“When this is over, Jimmy,” Boomer replied, “We can arrange a visit for you—your descendants are a remarkable family.”

“And we’re not?”

“Deal with it, Jimmy,” Mac laughed.

“I should point-out,” Wyatt observed, “We must survive today first.”

“There is that,” Linda frowned, “Nothing seems to come easy for us.”

Episode 4… Scene 2… On the road outside of Grand Marais… They were just a mile outside of Grand Marais and were on their way to Moosehead County—or so they believed.

Except—AJ Carstairs led them down the wrong road at an intersection.

After several hours’ riding—even AJ figured-out they were on the wrong road.

“Good job—little brother.”

Carstairs Army riding towards Moosehead County ©Jack Boardman

“Good job—little brother.”

“And you knew, Billy?” AJ shot back.

Carstairs laughed.

(Gee, Gentle Reader™—who’da knew Carstairs has sense of humor?)

It took them hours to get back to where they took the wrong turn.

Carstairs’ Army was riding towards Moosehead County, “Are we finally on the right road to Moosehead County?”

“I believe so, AJ,” Bill Carstairs replied with a laugh, “But—I’ve been wrong before.”

(There’s that sense of humor again, Gentle Reader)

As it happened—they were on the right road, but still some distance away from Moosehead County.

Episode 4… Scene 4… On the Coast Road… Carstairs’ Army rode blissfully into a trap…

(This is what one might consider a cliffhanger episode conclusion, Gentle Reader)

Our story will be Continued…

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4 Responses to “Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    We are good at traps 🙂


  2. lhalvor says:

    Now I’ve got that as my song of the day!

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