“Now what?”

Return to Danger Bay Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Blue-Dog—I want you to scout the road to our West and set-up your ambush.”

“Yes, Running Bear—I’ll select my people now.”

Running Bear selected five more groups and sent them out, “I daresay He-Who-Runs-With-Wolves, this has been most enjoyable.”

“Irritating Carstairs and his men IS great sport,” He-Who-Runs-With-Wolves replied.

“Soon enough, my friend,” Running Bear laughed, “Mr. Carstairs irritation will turn into panic—or worse.”

“I dare-say, old friend,” He-Who-Runs-With-Wolves replied, “It should be worse!”

“As do I,” Running Bear replied, “I think you should meet with our friends.”

“I’ll leave now.”

Episode 7… Scene 2… On the road outside Danger Bay… “Greetings James Silverthorn,” He-Who-Runs-With-Wolves grinned, “It has been too long since we’ve spoken.”

“Greeting to you, He-Who-Runs-With-Wolves,” James Silverthorn replied, “I expect Running Bear is arranging ambushes.”

“Yes—I have a map showing where.”

The two friends studied the map to see where the best locations were for combating the ambushes without causing casualties to their Native allies.

And too—to avoid the more dangerous locations.

Season 18—Adventure 2—Return to Danger Bay—Episode 8… Scene 1… A Meeting Outside Danger Bay… He-Who-Runs-With-Wolves (Shortened to “Runs-With-Wolves” Gentle Reader™) and James Silverthorn continued their meeting…

“I believe Running Bear found the perfect places for our ambush.”

Runs with Wolves met James Silverthorn ©Jack Boardman

“I believe Running Bear found the perfect places for our ambush.”

“Where, Runs-With-Wolves?” Silverthorn asked.

“Ride with me, my friend, and I’ll show you.”

Episode 8… Scene 2… Silverthorn & Runs-With-Wolves on the Road outside Danger Bay… Silverthorn & Runs-With-Wolves came to the last of several places Running Bear thought would be good for ambushing Carstairs’ army, “Well, Jimmy?”

Silverthorn & Runs-With-Wolves on the Road outside Danger Bay ©Jack Boardman

“Well, Jimmy?”

“I’m impressed,” Silverthorn replied, “Especially the off-road shortcuts through the woods—allowing us to hit and hit again.”

“Running Bear is our best tactician.”

“Clearly,” Silverthorn agreed.

Episode 8… Scene 3… Running Bear’s Camp… Running Bear met with the Carstairs brothers, “We have found nearly a dozen good locations to ambush our enemies, old boy, places you would never have thought of.”

“You’re pretty confident of that?” Carstairs asked.

Running Bear’s Camp ©Jack Boardman

“You’re pretty confident of that?”

“You would not have found any better places, my good fellow,” Running Bear laughed, “I dare-say you haven’t the woodcraft skills.”

“Very-well, Running-Bear,” Carstairs wisely replied, “Let’s get ready.”

Episode 8… Scene 4… Inside the Posse HQ™… Debra, Linda, Boomer, Joey, Mac, and Chris were meeting—while Wyatt Earp and the others continued to look for Carstairs and company…

“Now what?” Linda asked.

Inside the Posse HQ™ ©Jack Boardman

“Now what?”

“We wait,” Chris Earp replied, “Until Jimmy Silverthorn returns.”

“I hate waiting,” Joey said.

“Who knew, Joey?” Boomer cracked-wise.

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “Now what?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I am not really good at waiting either 🙂


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