“Do you wish to follow you brother?”

Return to Danger Bay Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Debra, Linda, Boomer, Joey, Mac, and Chris were meeting—while Wyatt Earp and the others continued to look for Carstairs and company…

“Now what?” Linda asked.

“We wait,” Chris Earp replied, “Until Jimmy Silverthorn returns.”

“I hate waiting,” Joey said.

“Who knew, Joey?” Boomer cracked-wise.

Season 18—Adventure 2—Return to Danger Bay—Episode 9… Scene 1… Running Bear’s Camp…

AJ Carstairs had grown tired of the renegade Natives control of what had been their operation—it was, after all their idea in the first place.

He reached for his guns.

With truly amazing speed Running Bear raised his rifle and shot AJ dead.

He turned to Bill Carstairs, “Do you wish to follow you brother?”

AJ Carstairs died at Running Bear’s Camp ©Jack Boardman

“Do you wish to follow you brother?”

Carstairs was nobody’s fool, “He was a jerk.”

“So—we will work together?”

“Of course,” Carstairs replied—thinking of just how he could escape these heathens.

“Very-well old boy—you may take first watch tonight.”

Carstairs smelled a trap being set and decided to make his watch uneventful.

It would prove to be a wise decision.

However—the next night he was scheduled for first watch.

Episode 9… Scene 2… Outside the Posse HQ™… “It’s about time you returned,” Mac rumbled, “Speak.”

“It’s about time!” ©Jack Boardman


“AJ Carstairs is dead,” James Silverthorn replied, “Shot by Running Bear as an example of who, exactly, is in charge.”

“Thank him for us—when you see him again,” Chris Earp cracked wise.

“Of course, I will,” Jimmy laughed, “Probably tonight.”

“We simply can’t let Carstairs escape again,” Mac rumbled, “We need to capture him—once and for all.”

“Agreed,” Wyatt replied, “Perhaps we should visit Running Bear’s camp early tomorrow morning a dawn.”

Episode 9… Scene 3… The early morning at Running Bear’s Camp… Carstairs was on first watch for all of five minutes before mounting his horse and heading-out to find his remaining gang-members.

He rode to his cabin and was pleased to find his gang there.

As Carstairs entered the cabin he was welcomed by his gang members: Sarah McCoy, Sandra & Susan Williams, Dakota Kidd, Ralph James, Tom Truly, Jim Driscoll, Jon Smith.

“We were led into a trap and AJ was murdered!”

Inside Carstairs’ Cabin ©Jack Boardman

“We were led into a trap and AJ was murdered!”

“Payback time, Boss?” Sarah McCoy asked.

“Against the so-called Posse, yes,” Carstairs replied, “But—there are too many Indians for us to deal with.”

“Maybe we should just lay-low for a few weeks,” Jim Driscoll suggested, “The Posse hasn’t found this place.”

“Good idea Mr. Driscoll,” Carstairs replied, “And they don’t know you and the others.”

“Do you want us to mix with the locals?”

“In ones and twos, maximum,” Carstairs agreed.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Perhaps he will escape again 😦

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