“The image is done—see?”

21st Century Posse™ Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Meanwhile—In 21st Century Danger Bay in the Posse™ HQ… “Welcome to your new home, Mr. Carstairs.”

“Thank you, Mac,” Carstairs replied, “Will I be safe here?”

“Soon, I’m sure, you’ll meet Cujo,” Chris Earp grinned, “She’ll put you mind at ease.”

“What, or who, is this Cujo?”

“My deceased dog—who has magical powers,” Boomer replied, “Along with several ‘Ghost Dogs’ who happily spy on our adversaries for us.”

“A small wonder it is, that anyone can ever defeat your Posse!”

“We like it that way,” Linda Bryant Halvorson added.

“So, it would seem.”

“It’s also my first time here in the 21st Century,” Al Jones observed, “Indoor outhouses?”

“And showers,” Chris laughed, “No more tubs with fire-heated water.”


“Cross my heart.”

Season 18—Adventure 3—21st Century Posse—Episode 1… Scene 1… Inside the Posse HQ™…

“Now that everybody’s posed for the image Boomer will make for this Episode 1, Scene 1,” Mac rumbled (as always), We can get down to business.

“But—my hair!”

“Your hair looks just fine, Debra,” Mac replied.

“Easy for you to say—you don’t have to look at… oh, never mind.”

“The image is done—see?” Boomer asked as he returned.

Inside the 21st Century Posse HQ™ ©Jack Boardman

“The image is done—see?”

“But my hair,” Debra began to say, and then concluded, “Looks fine.”

“See?” Mac laughed.

“How did you do that, Boomer?”

“Like I do with all our images—Photoshopped.”

“What is this ‘photoshop’ you speak of?” Al Jones asked.

“It would take the rest of this ‘Adventure’ to explain,” Boomer laughed.

“Do we get our bikes back during this ‘Adventure’?” Joey asked.

“Just Harleys and an Indian, Joey,” Boomer grinned—widely.


“Just kidding.”

“Whew!” Joey exclaimed, “Let’s hit the road!”

Episode 1… Scene 2… On the Road again… “Like a band of Gypsies, we go down the highway…”

The Posse™ rode through Downtown Danger Bay.

On the Road again ©Jack Boardman

The Posse™ rode through Downtown Danger Bay.

But—they didn’t stop for breakfast.

The Posse™ rode along County Road 12.

On Moosehead County Road 12 ©Jack Boardman

The Posse™ rode along County Road 12.

But they didn’t tarry anywhere along the road.

Debra’s hair became well and thoroughly tangled.

She didn’t care—after all, she was riding her Harley.

Everybody in the caravan seemed relaxed and enjoying the day.

They were a bit too optimistic.

Our story will be Continued…

About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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2 Responses to “The image is done—see?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Here we go, on the road again
    Like a band of Gypsies, we go down the highway
    We’re the best of friends
    Insisting that the world keep turnin’ our way

    Love that song and I do think it describes us pretty well!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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