Carstairs & friends paused to pose outside the Dive Bar.

21st Century Posse™ Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Do you think the bad guys followed us to the 21st Century?” Linda asked.

“Of course, they did,” Chris Earp replied, “Because Juco.”

“Bring it on!” Debra chimed-in, “We got this.”

“I don’t know if we do,” Joey added, “Cujo can’t always prevent Juco’s shenanigans.”

“That much is certain,” Chris agreed.

Episode 2… Scene 3… On the road outside the Posse HQ™… Carstairs and Company just happened to stop for a break precisely in front to the entrance to the Posse HQ™.

Fortunately—they paid no attention to the driveway.

Just as fortunate—Cujo was distracting Juco at that very moment.

(She’s good like that, Gentle Reader™)

“Alright, folks,” Carstairs began, “We’d best get to Moosehead City.”

“Why, Boss?”

“To try and recruit more help—Moosehead City is the largest town in the county, and they must have some miscreants looking for work.”

Season 18—Adventure 3—21st Century Posse—Episode 3… Scene 1… Downtown Moosehead City… Carstairs drove slowly through town until he spotted “The Dive Bar” and he and the others parked and walked to the bar.

(It’s a good thing, Gentle Reader that our heroes had left before they arrived—right?)

Carstairs & friends paused to pose outside the Dive Bar.

Carstairs & friends outside the Dive Bar ©Jack Boardman


Carstairs & friends paused to pose outside the Dive Bar.

Inside the bar they found the usual bar patrons one sees in almost any bar at 10AM—many of them were, by choice, unemployed—and not certain they wanted employment.

Others were from out of town—drifters, mostly—and were just the people Carstairs was looking to find.

He interviewed and hired three: Moe Howard, John Thompson and George Phillips.

After completing his business (and enjoying a cheap beer), Carstairs left with his new hires.

The next item on his agenda was to find a hideout.

(Perhaps Big A’s former hideout, Gentle Reader?)

Episode 3… Scene 2… Over Moosehead City… Just after Carstairs and his new hires drove out of town, our heroes flew over Moosehead City.

Our Heroes flew over Moosehead City ©Jack Boardman


Our Heroes flew over Moosehead City

They were having entirely too much fun to worry about Carstairs.

And too—Cujo helped to prevent them from worrying—she felt they needed some time for fun without worrying.

She’s good like that. She KNOWS that Carstairs has become the biggest threat to the Posse™ yet—bigger than Big A, Hopkins, and all the other evil-doers they’ve ever dealt with. Combined!

Our story will be Continued…

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