The new and the old Carstairs appeared together briefly.

The Hunt Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Inside Carstairs’ New Hideout… Juco met with Carstairs, Susan Williams & Abigail Anders, “I can protect you from the Posse™ for only a short time.”

“Why?” Carstairs asked.

“Because my near-twin Cujo is more powerful than I am.”

“What can we do?”

“For now—you can stay here in this cabin which I prepared for you, Bill,” He replied, “And just act like new people in the area.”

“Okay,” Carstairs replied, “Abigail and Susan are not known to the Posse and can make-nice with the locals.”

“Also, perhaps, I can change your appearance a bit—enough so the Posse™ won’t recognize you,” Juco added, “I’ll come-up with a disguise for you.”

“It had better be a good disguise, Juco.”

“You won’t recognize yourself in a mirror.”

Season 18—Adventure 4—The Hunt—Episode 2… Scene 1… Inside Carstairs’ New Hideout… After Juco & Carstairs left—and returned… As they returned Carstairs was a new man—so to speak.

The new and the old Carstairs appeared together briefly.

Carstairs was a new man—so to speak ©Jack Boardman

The new and the old Carstairs appeared together briefly.

(To say the least—Gentle Reader—Carstairs was stunned.)

“Whoa!” he exclaimed, “The so-called Posse won’t recognize me!”

“Only for a week or so,” Juco replied, “As soon as Cujo notices—your appearance will revert.”

“We’ll have to move quickly, then,” Carstairs agreed, “I’ll befriend the Silverthorn family, and maybe even this Boomer and Chris Earp—they’ve hurt us the most.”

Episode 2… Scene 2… Inside Silverthorn’s… Carstairs couldn’t notice the transparent Cujo…  But—Cujo advised her friends to play along with him.

Carstairs first spoke with Hiram and Kiwi Silverthorn, “Good morning.”

Carstairs inside Silverthorn’s ©Jack Boardman

“Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Kiwi replied, “May I help you?”

“Breakfast—I’d like two eggs, over easy, hash browns and toast, please.”

“Coming right up,” Kiwi smiled.

Carstairs turned to Boomer and Chris, “I’m new in town—names McCoy, Leonard McCoy.”

“He’s Boomer,” Chris replied, “And I’m Chris Earp—pleased to meet you.”

“What do you folks do?”

“We’re Retired™,” Boomer replied, “Chris and her husband, Wyatt, and I live in a senior complex just outside Danger Bay.”

“It overlooks the bay and has a wonderful view of the lake,” Chris added.

(Fortunately—Gentle Reader™—Cujo conjured-up such a complex that Carstairs could see if he checked)

It would take Carstairs hours to realize he’d been well and properly fooled.

Our story will be Continued…


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I just love Cujo 🙂

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