Simpson met with Fred Walsh

The Hunt Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Any of you guys looking for work?” Big A asked, “The kind of work that could be described as dangerous.”

“Maybe,” Walsh replied, “Is your buddy involved?”

“No,” Simpson replied, “That’s why I waited for him to leave—he’s kind-of a goodie two-shoes.”

“He don’t know what you do?”

“He isn’t all that bright.”

“You pay well?’ Walsh asked.

Simpson quoted a rate plus possible bonuses.”

“Count us in!”

“Good,” Simpson replied, “Follow me to my place and I’ll get you all set-up.”

“Set-up?” Walsh asked.

“Yes,” Simpson replied, “Untraceable guns and ammunition, for starters, and completely new identities.”

“I expect we can’t come back here for drinks,” Walsh replied.

“Correct—I have a fully-stocked bar at my place.”

Season 18—Adventure 4—The Hunt—Episode 6… Inside Simpson’s new Headquarters… Simpson met with Fred Walsh.

Simpson met with Fred Walsh ©Jack Boardman

Simpson met with Fred Walsh.

“So, Mr. Simpson—what’s the plan?”

Simpson paused before answering—he really didn’t have plan, “Before I answer, I’d like to know what you think we should start with.”

“That’s easy,” he replied, “Find people to help us.”

“You’re correct, Mr. Walsh,” Simpson replied, “This is our most critical chore—suggestions?”

Walsh had to think a bit before replying—he really didn’t know anybody nearby they could count on, “There’s nobody around here that I can think of—perhaps a trip down to the Twin Cities would be in order.”

“What about your local friends?”

“They’re not trustworthy,” he replied, “They have a too-close relationship with alcohol.”

“That is NOT a good reference,” Big A agreed.

“We need more folks,” Walsh replied, “I’ll leave now for the ‘Cities.”

“Do it,” Simpson replied.

Just then—the doorbell sounded—Big A looked at his monitor, “Oh CRAP—Boomer & Chris are at the door—go into the garage and stay out of sight!”

“Well—look who’s here,” he said into the intercom, “Are you here to hassle me?”

“No,” Chris Earp replied, “To join you.”

(Whoa—Gentle Reader™—Who knew?)

Our story will be Continued…

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7 Responses to Simpson met with Fred Walsh

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Is there a sign up sheet somewhere to join 😉

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Look forward to this explanation 🙂

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