“Welcome, gentlemen.”

The Hunt Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “How do you reckon we can ‘kill’ Big Mac?”


“Of course—why didn’t I think of that?”

“You were too satisfied at how you handled Biggass.”

“True,” Chris replied, “He’s almost too easy to fool—but he’ll likely figure it out, eventually.”

“You mean—after we take Carstairs out?”


It was then the Big Mac—almost on cue—arrived at the cabin, “My ears are burning—were you talking about me?”

“Why yes—yes we were,” Chris replied, “We’re going to kill you.”

Mac replied with his rumbling laugh, “Oh—is that all—you had me worried for a split-second.”

“You do know—you have to die?”

“Collie will be devastated—VACATION!”

“We’ll have an ambulance arrive at your place and leave—spreading a rumor that you were shot,” Boomer said, “And later the news that you didn’t survive a shooting.”

“Where do dead people go on vacation?”

“Wherever they want, Mac,” Chris quipped.

“Collie and I were just talking about Hawaii,” Mac grinned, “That’s where we’ll ‘hide,’ unless dead-guys are not allowed in the islands.”

“Simple,” Boomer cracked-wise, “Don’t tell them you’re dead.”

Season 18—Adventure 4—The Hunt—Episode 10… Inside Big A’s New Headquarters… Allen Stanley Simpson met with his new recruits: Joe Keller (Joey as a bad guy), Jim Douglas, and Fred O’Connor, “Welcome, gentlemen.”

“Welcome, gentlemen.”

“You’ve got our attention, Mr. Simpson,” Keller replied, “Let’s talk money.”

“Not just yet, Mr. Keller,” Big A replied, “Although all of you gentlemen come well-recommended, so far, I need to know what you will contribute to my operation.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what skills you may have that will enhance our effectiveness, Mr. Keller.”

“Fair enough,” Keller replied, “I’m skilled with a camera.”

“How, exactly, will that enhance our effectiveness, Mr. Keller?”

“I don’t require a gun to shoot people of interest—at extremely long-range.”

“Excellent, Mr. Keller,” Simpson replied, “And you, Mr. Douglas?”

“I was born without a conscience,” Douglas replied, “I can kill a person and have absolutely no regrets.”

“That’s a plus,” Simpson replied, “And you, Mr. O’Connor?”

“I don’t question orders—I just follow them.”

“Basically, a yes-man?”

“Yes, sir.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    The plot continues to thicken 🙂 Hope Mac and Collie have fun in Hawaii 🙂


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