“Your gang’s been captured, Dumbass.”

On the Run Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: Justen was wrong—the door burst-open—and the Posse came into the cabin.

“Hello, gentlemen—You’re under arrest!”

“Where’s Simpson?” Big Mac asked.

“We don’t know,” a very shaken James Justen replied, he hasn’t let us know.”

“That’s typical for Simpson,” Mac rumbled, “A coward.”

Boomer spoke for everyone there, “CRAP!”

(At least, Gentle Reader™, the good-guys eliminated Big A’s gang—or DID they?)

Season 18—Adventure 6—Simpson On the Run—Episode 1—Scene 1… Simpson & Keller met with Juco, “Your gang’s been captured, Dumbass.”

Inside Big A’s Motel room with Juco ©J Boardman

“Your gang’s been captured, Dumbass.”

Simpson wheeled around face Juco, “And WHAT, exactly, did you do to stop that?”

“There was nothing I could—Cujo prevented me,” Juco replied, “She is more powerful than I am.”

Simpson sighed as he realized the truth of Juco’s words, “Very-well—it appears I do better without your help—leave us, and never return.”

(Allen Stanley Simpson didn’t know when he spoke those words how right he was, Gentle Reader™.)

And—POOF—Juco disappeared.

Simpson & Joey Keller left town immediately as there was no time to waste.

Episode 1—Scene 2… On the Road…. Simpson & Keller left town on the four-lane highway, putting as much distance as possible from Moosehead County as they could before anyone knew they were gone.

“How far before we’re safe?”

Simpson & Keller left town ©JBoardman

“How far before we’re safe?”

“At least one-hundred miles, Joey,” Simpson replied.

Episode 1—Scene 3… Inside the Posse HQ™… “Simpson has escaped—again!”

Inside the Posse HQ

“Simpson has escaped—again!”

“How do you know this, Chris?” Wyatt asked.

“I can feel it in my bones.”

“Arthritis?” Linda cracked-wise.

“A premonition, Linda,” Chris smiled, “Every now and again I get one, and I’ve learned to trust them.”

“Does that premonition include where, m’dear?” Wyatt asked.

“I wish.”

“Back down to the Twin Cities, I would guess,” Boomer suggested.

“I’m not so sure,” Mac rumbled, “He’s done that before, and we found him fairly quickly.”

“I’m hoping for the Rochester area—my area,” Debra grinned, “If they go there—I’ll find them.”

“Face it, kids,” Mac rumbled (he always rumbles), “We simply don’t know.”

Our story will be Continued…

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4 Responses to “Your gang’s been captured, Dumbass.”

  1. Linda says:

    Go to Hibbing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    The fun continues 🙂 I do not have enough arthritis to ruin my premonitions 🙂 Too bad I can not have a vision 🙂


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