“Welcome to our new home, Gentlemen.”

On the Run Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “Well—oh-KAY, then,” Mac replied as he opened the throttles on both engines and shot ahead of Boomer.

Boomer said nothing as he unleashed the two Merlin engines—and quickly caught-up to Mac.

Episode 2—Scene 3… Outside the Lazy Moose Café, Moose Lake, Minnesota… “Let’s stop here fellas.”

“Good idea,” Joey Keller replied, “I could use some good coffee and breakfast.

“We can discuss our next move,” Simpson replied, “Where, exactly we’ll set-up shop.”

Simpson grabbed a newspaper as they entered.

Season 18—Adventure 6—Simpson On the Run—Episode 3—Scene 1… Outside a Sturgeon Lake farm… “Welcome to our new home, Gentlemen.”

Outside a Sturgeon Lake farm ©JBoardman

“Welcome to our new home, Gentlemen.”

“Do you think they’ll find us here, Boss?” Jim Johnson asked.

“Highly unlikely, Mr. Johnson,” Simpson replied, “Nobody gives Sturgeon Lake much attention—farms are failing one after another and being purchased by city-folks as vacation homes.”

“And too,” Joey Keller added, “They value their privacy.”

Episode 3—Scene 2… Inside the Farmhouse… Allen Simpson, Joey Keller Jim Johnson Fred Foster Will Wilson and Pete Sanders toured the farmhouse & barn (which they’d convert into housing the entire gang).

“What do you think, Gentlemen?”

Inside Simpson’s Farmhouse ©JBoardman

“What do you think, Gentlemen?”

“I think,” Fred Foster replied, “This may be the best-yet headquarters.”

“It’s highly unlikely we’ll be found here,” Johnson added.

“I want everyone to familiarize yourselves with the area,” Simpson instructed, “Drive around the area and beyond and mind your manners.”

“And for sure,” Joey Keller added, “Stay out of the bars.”

Episode 3—Scene 3… Inside the Posse HQ™… Boomer, Chris & Wyatt Earp, Linda, Debra and Big Mac were meeting.

“Where ARE the Simpson gang?”

A meeting inside the Posse HQ™ ©JBoardman

“Where ARE the Simpson gang?”

“Boomer & I failed to find them, Chris” Mac sighed, “We covered many-many square miles—there was simply too-much territory to cover.”

“I think we should begin a ground-search,” Linda suggested, “Each of us on motorcycles and riding in twos.”

“Good idea, Linda,” Mac rumbled, “Let’s do it.

The Posse™ paired-up: Chris & Wyatt, Boomer & Mac, Debra & Linda, and they headed-out to look for Simpson.

(That’s a LOT of territory to cover, Gentle Reader)

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “Welcome to our new home, Gentlemen.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Lots of scenery to see too and heck who does not love a good road trip 🙂

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