“Where next, Joey?”

Searching for Simpson Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “Let’s park the bikes—I’d like to play tourist for a while.”

“Good idea—I generally don’t hang-out in Nashwauk, so nobody is likely to recognize me.”

The two walked the entire length of the downtown Nashwauk a couple of times and decided to visit the Walk-In Café.

After ordering their respective meals—Linda showed the waitress a photo of Simpson.

“No Ma’am,” Gladys replied, “He’s not been in here.”

Our heroes then went to Wizard’s Bar—where no one recognized Simpson’s photo.

Satisfied that Simpson was not in the area, they departed town and went to Wolfwood®, as both required rest before returning to the PosseHQ™.

Episode 1—Scene 3… In the Notel-Motel room in an undisclosed location… Simpson & Keller discussed their options in their motel room.

“Where next Joey?

Season 18—Adventure 1—Searching for Simpson—Episode 2—Scene 1… In Simpson’s Notel-Motel room… “Where next, Joey?”

Simpson & Keller in their motel room ©JBoardman

“Where next, Joey?”

“We could stay, Stan,” Joey Keller replied, “Nashwauk is not exactly an obvious location for people in the run.”

“I have to admit,” Simpson said, “I’m tired of running—we need to recuperate.”

“For a time,” Keller replied, “And using this motel as a secret hideout for just we two would make sense. We can go elsewhere to find a place for recruiting a new bunch.”

“That makes sense to me.”

“Perhaps we should visit Nashwauk, Al.”

“It may be best,” Simpson replied, “For you to go alone. I can head for Little Falls.”

“Good idea—it’s best for us to not be seen together as we search for new people.”

Episode 2—Scene 2… In Nashwauk, Minnesota… Keller visited Wizard’s Bar… Keller’s bat-sense informed him—the two men standing away from the bar fit his internal people-judging skills to a tee, “By chance are either or both of you two looking for work?”

Keller inside Wizard’s Bar ©JBoardman

“By chance are either or both of you two looking for work?”

“We might be,” the taller of the two replied, quietly, “But we’d rather discuss this outside.”

When they went outside—the tall fellow got right to the point, “You are hiring people to do illegal things, right?”

Taken aback, Keller replied, “What gave you that idea?”

“Experience,” the tall fellow replied, “I can spot a fellow crook from a mile away.”

“Compensation?” the shorter man asked.

“An equal share of the profits.”

“You don’t strike me as a boss—who would that be?”

“Like it or not—that would be me.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    WolfWood is a pretty good place to hang out. So I’m told!

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