Searching for Simpson Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “No more questions until I’ve had time to speak with my client,” Farkleberry said as he entered the jail.

“That’s fine with us,” Chris Earp replied, “He deserves an attorney—and you’re a great one.”

“You may meet in our conference room, Mr. Farkleberry,” Sarah offered, “You will have complete privacy.”

“I know, Sarah,” Farkleberry replied, and turning to Johnson, “Come with me, please.”

Episode 9—Scene 3… On Carleton County Road 23… Linda & Ralph Halvorson were parked at the side of the road and were a little surprised when an SUV flew-by, “Wow!”

“You can say that again, Ralph,” Linda replied as she put the Mustang in gear—and turned around to follow the SUV—at a distance, “That matches the description of one of Simpson’s vehicles.”

“Just make sure we don’t catch-up.”

“Oh—for sure.”

Season 18—Adventure 1—Searching for Simpson—Episode 10—Scene 1… At a business center on Carlton County Road 23… Linda & Ralph had been carefully following the SUV for some time on Carlton County Road 23, when their quarry stopped for gas—Ralph pulled onto the shoulder, “This is a bit obvious.”

“Yes, Linda,” Ralph replied, “And it’s about to become even more obvious—I called Mac with the license number, and I expect he’s checked with the state by now—and knows who owns the SUV.”

“Why?” She asked.

“Boomer & Mac just parked behind us.”

Boomer & Mac met Linda & Ralph ©JBoardman

“Boomer & Mac just parked behind us.”

Mac walked-up to their car, “I contacted the Minnesota DOT—and they said the vehicle is owned by Stanley Enterprises.”

“Stanley Enterprises?” Linda replied—a little sarcasm in her tone, “That’s a BIG clue!”

“Should we pay them a visit?” Ralph asked.

“No Ralph,” Mac replied, “Let’s continue to follow, in hope of making them nervous enough to contact Big A.”

“And we’re following in such nondescript cars,” Ralph quipped.

Episode 10—Scene 2… On Carlton County Road 23… John & Jim Johnson, two of Joey Keller’s new hires, pulled out onto CR 23—and Jim noticed, “Hey, John, now there’s something you don’t see every day.”


The Johnsons were on Carleton CR 23 ©JBoardman


“Almost twin Mustangs,” John replied, “Old ones, too.”

“Must be a couple of old geezers—the new Mustangs are way more reliable.”

“Maybe so.”

Our story will be Continued…


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    They really should drive slower and not call attention to themselves. Cute picture of Daisy 💜💙💚

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