“Where do you suggest we look?”

Joey Keller Banner ©JBoardmanSeason 18, Adventure 3, Joey Keller, Episode 6… Outside the Posse HQ… The entire Posse met outside their HQ.

“We must find Keller,” Mac said, “Before he discovers where we are and attacks us here.”

Clearly, GENTLE READER, Mac didn’t know that Keller’s people already passed the HQ without finding it.

“Where do you suggest we look?” Boomer asked.

The Posse met outside the Posse™ HQ ©JBoardman

“Where do you suggest we look?”

“Yeah, what Boomer asked,” Chris Earp piled-on, “We  MUST find Keller, BEFORE he finds us.”

“Yeah,” Debra added her opinion, “What Chris said.”

“Alright, ALRIGHT,” Big Mac laughed, “Message delivered.”

“Let’s ask Karma Big-Feathers to help us,” Chris suggested.

“Good idea, Chris,” Mac rumbled, “Signal her.”

“On it, Boss.”

The Posse fanned-out to attempt find where Keller had his headquarters; they went two to a car.

Once again, Mac insisted on riding in Boomer’s Mustang, “What’s wrong with your car?”

“I have the engine in pieces,” Mac replied, “That Chevy engine needs to be rebuilt.”

“Spoken like a true Ford fan; I assume Collie is using your pick-up?”

“Yes, yes she is,” Mac replied.

“Very-well,” Boomer said, “Let’s head-out!”

The rest of the Posse took their clue from Boomer and Mac and went out on the road.

Chris and Wyatt drove to the Moosehead City area.

Linda and Ralph headed towards Flyspeck.

Debra and Joey decided to head towards Grand Marais.

Karma Big-Feathers was also on the prowl on behalf of her posse-friends. She could cover a lot more territory; a lot faster than her human friends, and too, she had the keen vision her friends did not.

She found what just might be Keller’s headquarters.

A Meeting outside Keller’s HQ ©JBoardman

She found what just might be Keller’s headquarters.

Lacking a two-way radio, she had to physically meet with her friends.

She’d been on the prowl for several hours and it would take at least two hours to reach her friends.

Our story will be continued…

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2 Responses to “Where do you suggest we look?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Karma!!! I hope none of those idiots try to shoot you out of the sky!! 🦅🦅🦅


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