“What’s next?”

Joey Keller Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “Certainly, Ma’am,” Susan McLeod replied, “Lakeside rooms?”

“Are they more expensive? Hanson asked.

“Not at this time—there’s an event in Duluth that’s affecting our rentals.”

“Then lakeside, please,” Hanson replied.

“Done,” Susan replied, “Enjoy your stay.”

Episode 9—Scene 3… Masters, Schmidt, & Hanson met inside Hanson’s room… “This is perfect,” Regina Hanson said, “We scored!”

“Indeed,” Schmidt agreed, “Once we get settled—and had a meal in the dining-room here—we’ll set-out to find the so-called posse.”

“I’m so looking forward to executing them.”

“Aren’t we all,” Mary Schmidt agreed.

Over a delicious meal in the hotel dining-room the three discussed their plan, what local sites to visit, any dive-bars to check-out, and any eligible men they might pick-up for a one-night stand.

They figured this was a target-rich environment.

Season 18, Adventure 3, Joey Keller, Episode 10—Scene 1… Big Mac called a meeting in the Posse™ HQ… While Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp IV, Ralph Halvorson, AJ Boardman (Yeah—he’s back) were out doing whatever came to mind with these rascals, Big Mac, Chris Earp, Linda Bryant Halvorson, Debra Wennen Miller, Boomer-Jack, and Joey Jerkovich were meeting in the Posse™ HQ.

“Well?” Chris asked, “What’s next?”

Big Mac called a meeting in the Posse™ HQ ©JBoardman

“What’s next?”

“What do you think, Chris?” Mac rumbled (he ALWAYS rumbles, Gentle Reader™).

“I think we should spread-out, two to a car, and patrol Danger Bay, Moosehead City, Lakeview City, and all the roads in the county—because I have a hunch Keller is nearby.”

“I’ve had that same feeling, Mac,” Debra agreed, “It has awakened me from a sound sleep.”

“I’m driving,” Boomer grinned, “Anybody but Mac want to join me?”

“Wait—what?” Mac asked with a laugh, “But why?’

“Because your weight is hurting my passenger-seat.”

“Me-me-me,” Chris asserted, “I weigh half as much as Mac, and Wyatt has my pick-up.”

“You can ride with me, Mac,” Linda said, “My passenger-seat is in good shape.”

“Do I have to ride with Debra?” Joey asked.

“Yup,” Debra replied, “You should be honored.”

“It’s settled, then,” Chris laughed, “Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!”

Episode 10—Scene 2… On the Road to Lakeview City… Chris INSISTED on Driving Boomer’s Mustang.

Boomer decided to let her, “You break it—you fix it!”

Chris & Boomer on the road to Lakeview City ©JBoardman

“You break it—you fix it!”

“Would you settle for Farkleberry fixing it—and my insurance paying for the work?”

“Of course,” Boomer laughed, “But—I trust your driving.”

(Gentle Reader™—Of course Chris put Mandarin Mustang through her paces!)

Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!” She exclaimed, as she put the gas-pedal to the floor.

Episode 10—Scene 3… Debra & Joey on the road to Moosehead City… “Want to race?” Joey asked.

Debra & Joey on the road to Moosehead City ©JBoardman

“Want to race?”

“No Joey,” Debra replied, “I want to get to Moosehead City—ALIVE!”


Our story will be Continued…

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    We do have nice vehicles 🏍️🏎️🚘🚔

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