“We scored!”

Joey Keller Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “I’m glad we can get away for a while and spend some time at the Canal Park Lodge, Ralph,” Linda was happy to be away from the current drama in Danger Bay.

 “That works for me, Ralph,” Linda replied.

“We have company, Linda,” Ralph observed.


“Yes, Ralph replied, “Two young women are giving us a look-over.”

“Imagine that,” Linda grinned, “Keller’s people?”

“I would guess-so, then,” Ralph replied, “Should we say hello?”

“I wonder if they’re here to find us?”

“I suspect they are indeed,” Ralph agreed.

“Let’s have some fun and go over and introduce ourselves.”

“Why not,” Ralph chuckled.

Season 18, Adventure 3, Joey Keller, Episode 9—Scene 1… Inside Keller’s Hotel Room… “Here’s the plan, ladies,” Keller began, “You are to ride to Danger Bay and check-in to the Lakeview Suites under the new identities I’ve made for you.”

“How do you know these new IDs will be accepted?” Mary Schmidt asked.

“Ah,” He replied, “Easy—I have a paid employee working at MnDot, and he sent me these official Minnesota Driver’s Licenses—here take them.”

“WOW!” Masters exclaimed.

A Meeting in Keller’s Hotel Room ©JBoardman


“Get packed—and head-out a soon as possible,” Keller replied, “And use the cars I have for you—not your bikes.”

“Do we gotta?” Wilson asked.

Keller’s stare confirmed his orders.

Episode 9—Scene 2… Masters, Schmidt, & Hanson checked-in to the Lakeview Suites…

“We’ll require three rooms, please,” Regina Hanson said.

“Certainly, Ma’am,” Susan McLeod replied, “Lakeside rooms?”

“Are they more expensive? Hanson asked.

Masters, Schmidt, & Hanson checked-in to the Lakeview Suites ©JBoardman

“Lakeside rooms?”

“Not at this time—there’s an event in Duluth that’s affecting our rentals.”

“Then lakeside, please,” Hanson replied.

“Done,” Susan replied, “Enjoy your stay.”

Episode 9—Scene 3… Masters, Schmidt, & Hanson met inside Hanson’s room… “This is perfect,” Regina Hanson said, “We scored!”

Masters, Schmidt, & Hanson met in Hanson’s room ©JBoardman

“We scored!”

“Indeed,” Schmidt agreed, “Once we get settled—and had a meal in the dining-room here—we’ll set-out to find the so-called posse.”

“I’m so looking forward to executing them.”

“Aren’t we all,” Mary Schmidt agreed.

Over a delicious meal in the hotel dining-room the three discussed their plan, what local sites to visit, any dive-bars to check-out, and any eligible men they might pick-up for a one-night stand.

They figured this was a target-rich environment.

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “We scored!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    “I’m so looking forward to executing them.”
    I think NOT!

    🎼🎼 Many men have tried to take them and that many men are dead 🎼🎼


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