“Are not!”

Joey Keller BannerPreviously: Chris INSISTED on Driving Boomer’s Mustang.

Boomer decided to let her, “You break it—you fix it!”

“Would you settle for Farkleberry fixing it—and my insurance paying for the work?”

“Of course,” Boomer laughed, “But—I trust your driving.”

(Gentle Reader™—Of course Chris put Mandarin Mustang through her paces!)

“Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!” She exclaimed, as she put the gas-pedal to the floor.

Episode 10—Scene 3… Debra & Joey on the road to Moosehead City… “Want to race?” Joey asked.

“No Joey,” Debra replied, “I want to get to Moosehead City—ALIVE!”


Season 18, Adventure 3, Joey Keller, Episode 11—Scene 1… Debra & Joey rode into Moosehead City… Debra & Joey rode into Moosehead City, to the theme of the Magnificent Seven.

“That Harley sure makes a lot of noise, Debra.”

“That’s right,” Debra replied, “You’re jealous, because the people are smiling and waving at me—not you!”

“Are not!”


“Are not!”

Debra & Joey rode into Moosehead City ©JBoardman

“Are not!”


The two never settled the issue—it continued until they stopped in the bar.

Episode 11—Scene 2… Linda & Mac arrived in Flyspeck… Outside the Flyspeck Bar…

They stopped at the Flyspeck Bar, “Should we pay a visit, Mac?”

Linda & Mac arrived in Flyspeck ©JBoardman

“Should we pay a visit, Mac?”

“Sure—why not? Mac replied, “What could possibly go wrong?”

“The mind boggles—at what could possibly go wrong?”

Episode 11—Scene 3… Boomer & Chris arrived in Lakeview City… They stopped at the Dewdrop Inn… They were immediately approached by two women and a man, and the man said, “You’re strangers here—we don’t much like strangers in this place.”

“Oh my,” Chris replied, “We’ve been here before—many times, without such a greeting.”

Boomer & Chris arrived in Lakeview City ©JBoardman

“We’ve been here before—many times, without such a greeting.”

The man reached under his jacket and pulled-out an old revolver.

Before he brought it to bear on our heroes—Chris Earp had her Colt .45 semi-auto drawn and pointing at his head—and Boomer had his US Marshal’s badge out, “You’ll be dead on the floor in another eye-blink—FREEZE!”

Not complete idiots, they did just that.

“Pat the women down, deputy,” Boomer said, “And you, sir, assume the position.”

“Hey, old man,” the man threatened, “I’ll tear you apart if you get close to me.”

Boomer pulled his old Remington .44, and smiled, “Really?”

The three were thoroughly searched and walked-over to the jail, and Boomer flashed his badge, “Officer, these three need to be locked-up.”

“Hello Marshal Boomer,” Officer Ted Sampson replied, “I know these three, and will be more than happy to lock them up.”

“I’ve already called for transportation to our jail,” Chris grinned, “They won’t be your guests for long.”

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “Are not!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    The Cart before the horse 🙂 But still now I know how they got to the jail 🙂 It seems to me those three were pretty stupid. But then you can not fix stupid!

    Liked by 1 person

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