Rapid City

Deadwood Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Inside a Rapid City hotel room…Keller met with his gang, Thomas Wilson, Wilbur Smith, Herbert Jones and Rafe Smith, “Gentlemen—it’s time to earn some money.” “I’m ready, Boss,” Wilbur Smith replied, “Where first?”

“I suggest you wait,” Juco appeared out of thin-air—causing all but Keller to just about leap out of their boots.

“Why?” Keller asked.

“Because the Posse may be on to you.”


“It’s just a feeling I have.”

“Not good enough for me Juco.”

Juco replied, “Very well—don’t take my word—at your own risk.”

Season 18, Adventure 4, DEADWOOD, Episode 3—Scene 1… Inside Smith’s Bank in Rapid City… “May I help you gentlemen?” Hiram Smith, the bank’s owner asked.

“Yes—yes you may,” Keller replied, “I’d like to make a withdrawal.”

“Certainly, sir,” Smith said in response, “May I have your account number?”

“I don’t have an account.”

“If that’s case, I can’t help you.”

Keller and company drew their weapons.

“We’re here to make a withdrawal” ©JBoardman

Keller and company drew their weapons.

“Yes, you can—empty your safe,” Keller replied, as his men held-out several canvas bags, “Into these bags.”

“Yes, sir, just don’t shoot!”

Each employee and customer placed their money and valuables into the bags.

After the safe’s contents were placed in the bags—every single person in the bank was shot dead.

DEADWOOD, Episode 3—Scene 2… Flyspeck… Keller’s Gang rode into Flyspeck and as they did—came across a Conestoga wagon heading in the opposite direction, towards Rapid City.

They would never reach Rapid City.

Keller’s Gang robbed and killed in Flyspeck ©JBoardman

They would never reach Rapid City.

The victims were a family just looking for a new life in Dakota Territory—they meant no harm to anybody—now they wouldn’t have the chance.

“Well, gentlemen,” Keller observed, “This has been a profitable day.”

“I’ll say,” Rafe Smith agreed, “Let’s continue to earn even more profitable days.”

“No more today,” Keller advised, “Let’s head for Sioux Falls—the so-called posse is probably aware of our activities in Rapid City.”

DEADWOOD, Episode 3—Scene 3… Several hours later the Posse™ rode into a Ghost Town  The first thing they saw was the Conestoga wagon—Chris was the first to reach it.

“They’re all dead,” Chris Earp said, “Keller?”

The Posse™ rode into a Ghost Town ©JBoardman


“Probably, Chris,” Mac rumbled, “We can’t leave them to the buzzards—we must bury them.”

Our story will be Continued…

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