“Who IS this Simpson?”

Simpson Banner 22 Sep 2019PREVIOUSLY: “This is the place!” Keller exclaimed.

“I agree, Joey,” Rufus Strange replied, “And too, my rear-end thanks you.”

“Tell your ass, ‘You’re welcome’ for me, Rufus,” Keller laughed.

SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 2—Scene 2… Outside Simpson’s new HQ…

The two walked the road in both directions a mile, or more—before inspecting the interior of the cabin.

“And where do we put our men?”

“Right through the door on your right,” Simpson replied.

Willie walked to the door, “WOW!

“You THINK?”

“There’s room for about 20 men in there!”

“Twenty-five, actually,” Simpson replied, “Probably more than we need.”

“That works for me.”

Season 18, Adventure 6, SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 3—Scene 1 … Inside the Posse™ HQ… “I don’t trust Simpson.”

“Neither do I, Chris,” Mac rumbled, “But until he breaks a law—there’s precious little we can do.”

“Well, there must be something, anything we can do—I’m getting bad feelings about this inaction.”

“Perhaps consider going after Keller instead of Simpson?” Boomer asked, “It seems to me that he’s the bigger threat right now.”


“Perhaps consider going after Keller instead of Simpson?”

“Agreed,” Linda replied, “He is the greater threat.”

The rest of the Posse™ agreed—after thinking on it a bit:

“I’m in,” Joey said.

“Me too,” Debra added.

“Yup,” Wyatt agreed, “It’s critical we eliminate either Simpson or Keller, and right now Keller is, indeed, the bigger threat of the two.”

The Posse™ set about preparations to engage Keller—including asking the Moosehead County band of Ojibwe to assist them in their operation.

SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 3—Scene 2 … Inside Keller’s HQ … Keller met with his gang-leaders: Erik Johnson, John Cooper and Sarah Wilson.

“Who IS this Simpson?” Joey Keller asked his top lieutenants.


“Who IS this Simpson?”

“Never heard of this Simpson, Joey,” Johnson replied, “Who is he?”

“If I knew, Erik, I wouldn’t asked,” He replied, “What I do know is that he’s attempting to interfere with our business.”

“How so?”

“He’s rumored to be recruiting gunslingers—why?”

“Perhaps a couple of our people should offer our services?” John Cooper suggested.

“Okay,” Keller replied, “You and Mr. Johnson hang-out in Moosehead City and snoop-around and learn what you may—and apply if the opportunity presents itself.”

The two men left for Moosehead City an hour later.

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “Who IS this Simpson?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    That does not sound good for Simpson to have a spy within his ranks as it could lead to us!!

    Liked by 1 person

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