The Simpson Gang ambushed Keller

Simpson BannerPREVIOUSLY: Keller met with his gang-leaders: Erik Johnson, John Cooper and Sarah Wilson.

“Who IS this Simpson?” Joey Keller asked his top lieutenants.

“Never heard of this Simpson, Joey,” Johnson replied, “Who is he?”

“If I knew, Erik, I wouldn’t asked,” He replied, “What I do know is that he’s attempting to interfere with our business.”

“How so?”

“He’s rumored to be recruiting gunslingers—why?”

“Perhaps a couple of our people should offer our services?” John Cooper suggested.

“Okay,” Keller replied, “You and Mr. Johnson hang-out in Moosehead City and snoop-around and learn what you may—and apply if the opportunity presents itself.”

The two men left for Moosehead City an hour later.

Season 18, Adventure 6, SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 5—Scene 1 … Inside Keller’s HQ … Cooper & Johnson returned and reported to Keller, “We learned where Simpson’s headquarters is located.”


“We learned where Simpson’s headquarters is located.”

“Where?” Keller asked.

“It’s on the Bluff Road overlooking the lake,” Johnson replied, “An easy target.”

“Let’ ride!”

On the Forest Road … The Simpson Gang ambushed Keller …

The Simpson Gang ambushed Keller

The battle raged for an hour or more—and in the end, only two people remained alive.

Simpson & Keller!

They looked at one-another—both men were completely-exhausted.

“Now what, Keller?”

“We could have an old-fashioned duel,” Keller replied.

“THAT—would serve the Posse—why, exactly would we want that?”

“Good point,” Keller replied, “We should work together?”

“Let’s do that,” Simpson agreed, “Let’s ride to my place—the Posse won’t bother us there as I have them thinking you’re the main issue they should pursue.”

“Hey LOOK—there’s a bird—wearing a HAT!” Keller exclaimed.

“Flutters!” Simpson exclaimed, “SHOOT HIM!”

“Dammit—we missed!

“Let’s go to my cabin,” Simpson, “The Posse will not think of looking there!”

“Good idea, let’s ride!”

SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 5—Scene 2 … An hour later inside Simpson’s Cabin … “The Posse won’t look for us here!”

“The Posse won’t look for us here!”

“I believe you, Simpson,” Keller replied, “At least not soon enough.”

“I suggest we tap into our reserve cash—you do have a reserve, right Stan?”

“Oh yes—Juco saw to that.”

SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 5—Scene 3 … Inside the Posse™ HQ … Flutters arrived unexpectedly, “I have news!”

Big-Mac replied, “Tell us.”

“There was a huge gunfight on the Forest Road!”

“There was a huge gunfight on the Forest Road!”


“Only two survived.”

“Continue,” Mac rumbled, ominously, “WHO?”

“I don’t know—they were shooting at me!”

“It must be Keller!” Chris exclaimed, “Let’s ride!”

And ride they did Gentle Reader™ and rode hard!

They failed to find them.

Our story will be Continued …


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    The plot thickens! Hey Flutters “What’s up?”

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