The RETURN of Jay Merton

Simpson Banner(With this Episode I’ll again be posting on Tuesday & Thursdays)

PREVIOUSLY: “The Posse won’t look for us here!”

“I believe you, Simpson,” Keller replied, “At least not soon enough.”

“I suggest we tap into our reserve cash—you do have a reserve, right Stan?”

“Oh yes—Juco saw to that.”

SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 5—Scene 3 … Inside the Posse™ HQ … Flutters arrived unexpectedly, “I have news!”

Big-Mac replied, “Tell us.”

“There was a huge gunfight on the Forest Road!”


“Only two survived.”

“Continue,” Mac rumbled, ominously, “WHO?”

“I don’t know—they were shooting at me!”

“It must be Keller!” Chris exclaimed, “Let’s ride!”

And ride they did Gentle Reader™ and rode hard!

They failed to find them.

Season 18, Adventure 6, SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 6—Scene 1 … Inside the PosseHQ™ “Where could they be?” Mac asked with a rumble.

“Perhaps at Simpson’s cabin?” Chris Earp asked.

“There’s a thought,” Mac agreed, “And too—we can’t rule-out the 21st Century.”

“Naw,” Boomer replied, “He’s got too-much invested in the 19th Century.”

“Agreed,” Chris Earp said—with a wicked grin, “Besides, Boomer, you ENJOY the 19th Century!”


There was a knock on the door—Mac opened the door to reveal …

“Jay Merton!” Mac exclaimed, “It’s been way too long!

“Jay Merton!”

“Blame Boomer,” Jay replied, “I believe he’s forgotten me!”

“A-HEM!” Boomer exclaimed, “You’re here—right?”


SIMPSON’S RETURN, Episode 6—Scene 1 … Inside Simpson’s Cabin … “It appears, Simpson,” Keller observed, “We’ve eluded the so-called Posse.”

“We’ve eluded the so-called Posse.”

“For the time-being, Joey,” Simpson replied, “Your suggestion that we keep our horses in the pasture down the hill, should keep the Posse from bothering us here.”

“Still,” Keller replied, “We should carefully look for a new HQ.”

“How, exactly?” Simpson asked.


Keller’s mention of his name was answered seconds later, “How may I help you?”

“Find us a new and secure hideout,” Simpson replied, “One that even Cujo can find.”

“I will rebuild ‘Flyspeck,’ He replied, “And it will need a new banker.”

“You can do that?” Simpson asked.

“Easily—Cujo pays no attention to Flyspeck!”


So ends this ADVENTURE … Our story will be Continued

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4 Responses to The RETURN of Jay Merton

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    What a name for a town! You could swat a Fly easily 😅😂🤣Someone needs a Banker?🏦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    🤣🤣🤣 I know but you could still make fun! Lighten up dude 🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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