Saloon Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Jay Merton!” Mac exclaimed, “It’s been way too long!

“Blame Boomer,” Jay replied, “I believe he’s forgotten me!”

“A-HEM!” Boomer exclaimed, “You’re here—right?”


“It appears, Simpson,” Keller observed, “We’ve eluded the so-called Posse.”

“For the time-being, Joey,” Simpson replied, “Your suggestion that we keep our horses in the pasture down the hill, should keep the Posse from bothering us here.”

“Still,” Keller replied, “We should carefully look for a new HQ.”

“How, exactly?” Simpson asked.


Keller’s mention of his name was answered seconds later, “How may I help you?”

“Find us a new and secure hideout,” Simpson replied, “One that even Cujo can find.”

“I will rebuild ‘Flyspeck,’ He replied, “And it will need a new banker.”

“You can do that?” Simpson asked.

“Easily—Cujo pays no attention to Flyspeck!”


SALOON, Episode 1—Scene 1 … Simpson & Keller arrived in Flyspeck (after Juco’s remake) … Riding slowly, deliberately past the saloon and the town marshal’s office.

“This certainly is a sleepy little town.”

“This certainly is a sleepy little town.”

“Which, Al, is perfect for our plan,” Keller replied, “I think I see a boarding-house just down the street—let’s see if there’s a room or two available.”

They did just that—old Mrs. Williams had a room available—and the two were now citizens of Flypeck, Minnesota.

“Will this room do?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied, “It will do nicely.”

SALOON, Episode 1—Scene 2 … Meanwhile … Inside the PosseHQ™ The Posse™ met with Cujo inside their HQ.

The Posse™ met with Cujo inside their HQ.

“What’s up Coo-Coo?” Boomer asked.

“Simpson and Keller have become a team, Alpha-Boomer,” She replied, “And they’ve taken a room in Flyspeck.”

“Okay, gang,” Mac rumbled, “Let’s ride!”

“No Mac,” Cujo replied, “Not just yet—they’re purchasing the saloon in Flyspeck—send Jay in a day or so—they’ve never met him.”

“Will do, Cujo!”

SALOON, Episode 1—Scene 3 … Inside the Flyspeck Saloon … Jay Merton ambled into the saloon—and quickly identified Big A standing with a fellow he didn’t know.

He assumed the man was Keller.

He was correct.

He was correct.

Jay ambled over to the where Keller was standing with Big A—and Simpson didn’t recognize him.

Jay wisely opted to remain silent—he may be old, but he hasn’t lost his cunning.

He just listened—and learned their plan.


Our story will be Continued

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5 Responses to Flyspeck

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    So much for them getting away with their plans. Coo-Coo was paying attention to Flyspeck after all 🙂

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