Saloon BannerPREVIOUSLY: “What’s up Coo-Coo?” Boomer asked.

“Simpson and Keller have become a team, Alpha-Boomer,” She replied, “And they’ve taken a room in Flyspeck.”

“Okay, gang,” Mac rumbled, “Let’s ride!”

“No Mac,” Cujo replied, “Not just yet—they’re purchasing the saloon in Flyspeck—send Jay in a day or so—they’ve never met him.”

“Will do, Cujo!”

SALOON, Episode 1—Scene 3 … Inside the Flyspeck Saloon … Jay Merton ambled into the saloon—and quickly identified Big A standing with a fellow he didn’t know.

He assumed the man was Keller.

He was correct.

Jay ambled over to the where Keller was standing with Big A—and Simpson didn’t recognize him.

Jay wisely opted to remain silent—he may be old, but he hasn’t lost his cunning.

He just listened—and learned their plan.


Season 18, Adventure 6, SALOON, Episode 2—Scene 1 … Jay Merton was interviewed by Keller & Simpson … “Say-there, old man,” Keller asked, “Are you at all handy with that Remington .44?”

“Are you at all handy with that Remington .44?”

In a shade-more than an eye-blink—Jay’s Remington was pointing at Keller’s head, “Fast enough?”

Both Keller & Simpson were more than a little impressed.

“Are you looking for work?” Simpson asked.

“Maybe,” Jay replied, “But—I don’t come cheap.”

“How much would accept?” Keller asked.

“Make me an offer.”

“$50.00 a month, plus a bonus—depending upon your kill-rate.”

Jay was laughing to himself as he contemplated Keller’s offer—which, of course, he would accept.

SALOON, Episode 2—Scene 2 … Inside the PosseHQ™ Jay Merton reported back, “They hired me!”

“They hired me!”

“Great, Jay,” Mac rumbled, “When do you join them?”

“As soon as I get packed.”

“Very well,” Mac replied, “We’ll assign Flutters to watch-over you.”

“That will help, Mac,” Jay said, “Thanks.”

“You know what?” Joey asked, “We require some time off—Simpson & Keller won’t miss us for a few days.”

“You’re right,” Mac replied, “Where?”

“21st Century Wolfwood!”

SALOON, Episode 2—Scene 3 … 21st Century Wolfwood “So,” Chris Earp observed, “Wolfwood™ really exists!”

“Wolfwood really exists!”

“Yes.” Joey replied, “It really exists—let me give you a tour of the cabin.”

Joey gave the Posse a complete tour of the cabin—and then set-about making one of his special dishes for lunch: “Gratis on a Portis with Escofier sauce.”

Too soon, Gentle Reader the short vacation came to an end and our heroes returned to their 19th Century Posse HQ.

Our story will be Continued

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Nice Cabin and peaceful setting 🙂

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