“Okay, what’s next?”

Saloon BannerPREVIOUSLY: “Great, Jay,” Mac rumbled, “When do you join them?”

“As soon as I get packed.”

“Very well,” Mac replied, “We’ll assign Flutters to watch-over you.”

“That will help, Mac,” Jay said, “Thanks.”

 “You know what?” Joey asked, “We require some time off—Simpson & Keller won’t miss us for a few days.”

“You’re right,” Mac replied, “Where?”

“21st Century Wolfwood!”

SALOON, Episode 2—Scene 3 … 21st Century Wolfwood … “So,” Chris Earp observed, “Wolfwood really exists!”

“Yes.” Joey replied, “It really exists—let me give you a tour of the cabin.”

Joey gave the Posse a complete tour of the cabin—and then set-about making one of his special dishes for lunch: “Gratis on a Portis with Escofier sauce.”

Too soon, Gentle Reader™ the short vacation came to an end and our heroes returned to their 19th Century Posse HQ.

Season 18, Adventure 6, SALOON, Episode 3—Scene 1 … Outside the Posse™ HQ … Jay Merton left for Keller & Simpson’s HQ, “I’m off to a life of crime.”

“I’m off to a life of crime.”

“Be careful, Jay,” Mac admonished, “We don’t want to lose you so soon after your return.”

“C’mon Mac—how many adventures have we had since 2007?” Jay asked, “You must know I won’t be lost. And too, Flutters will watch-over me.”

“That’s small comfort, Jay,” Mac replied, “Perhaps we should ask Karma Big-Feathers to watch-over you.”

“There’s a thought,” Jay replied, “Just so she flies very-high above us.”

“She’s no fool, Jay—she’ll fly high and still be able to watch-over you.”

“I’ll be counting on that.”

SALOON, Episode 3—Scene 2 … Jay Merton arrived at Keller & Simpson’s HQ (with Karma Bigfeathers flying high overhead) … “Okay, what’s next?” Jay asked.

“Okay, what’s next?”

“Next is to give you an assignment,” Keller replied, “But not in this century.”


“The 21st Century,” Simpson replied, “Juco is, at our request, sending us all to the 21st Century.”

“Juco can do that?”

“Of course,” Keller replied, “He’s got mad skills.”

“What will we do when we get to the 21st Century?”

“We’ll open an upscale lounge catering to the very-wealthy,” Simpson replied, “With a back-room set-up with all manner of gambling opportunities.”

“I LIKE that,” Jay replied, “I need to pick-up a few things before we leave.”

“Make it quick,” Keller said, “We need to leave soon.”

“Oh—I’ll be quick—for an old man!”

SALOON, Episode 3—Scene 3 … Inside the Posse HQ™ … “It appears I’ll be going to the 21st Century,” Jay announced as he entered the Posse HQ, Keller & Simpson informed me that’s where we’re going.”

“Wonderful!” Mac exclaimed, “I’ll contact the 21st Century Silverthorn family & ask them to watch-over you—and let Karma Bigfeathers know so she can watch-over you.”

“Aren’t you coming too?”

Jay Merton reported back Inside the PosseHQ™ ©JBoardman

“Aren’t you coming too?”

“No—this is only ‘Episode 3’ of this ‘Adventure’—we have to stick around for a few more episodes.”

“And,” Boomer added, “It’s already confusing me!”

Our story will be Continued


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2 Responses to “Okay, what’s next?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Time Travel sickness! Is there such a thing? Jay could get it flipping back and forth like that!

    Liked by 1 person

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