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Danger Bay—Episode 2—Lar meets the Strangers

By Jay Merton (writing as Molly Halloran) Previously: Although Lar doesn’t know it yet,the strangers at the café are Jay, Boomer, & I, my fiancé, Joe Kewl, retired banker Trigg Guudlender, and real estate broker, “Miami” Maggie Dokic. Lar’s world … Continue reading

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PREVIOUSLY: Hugs were exchanged in silence; words were not necessary. Just being together for Mac was enough for all present. “Perhaps,” Collie suggested, “We should remember the good times we’ve had with my husband—I think he’d like that.” “Remember the … Continue reading

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PREVIOUSLY: There was complete silence—all were too stunned by the news. Of all the Posse™ members, Boomer & Jay knew Mac the best—they had been friends since before #Twitter, or #Facebook, but waaaay back during Jay’s #ActiveRain™ (don’t ask) days. … Continue reading

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