Pursuit BannerPREVIOUSLY: Hugs were exchanged in silence; words were not necessary. Just being together for Mac was enough for all present.

“Perhaps,” Collie suggested, “We should remember the good times we’ve had with my husband—I think he’d like that.”

“Remember the time when Mac and Simpson had it out?” Boomer asked.

“I do,” Jay Merton replied, “Mac turned Big-A every way but loose until he was lying on the ground and whimpering.”

More stories followed—everyone there had a story to tell.

The cars and the hearse and family limousine parked.

The casket was brought to Mac’s final resting place, and the Reverend Thomas “Tag” Guudlender led the prayers for Carl James McIntyre.

Many tears were shed by everyone there—Mac was loved and respected by everyone in attendance.

Boomer and Jay Merton returned to the Cemetery … And lingered in front of Mac’s grave in silence—with tears streaming down their faces.

Season 18, Adventure 7, PURSUIT—Episode 1—Scene 1 … Inside their Lakeside Suites Hotel room … Keller and Simpson set about adding people to their gang—they headed down to Duluth, Minnesota; where they believed recruiting would be successful. They rented two rooms at the Lakeside Suites Hotel.

“Do you believe we’ll be safe here?”

Keller & Simpson in Simpson’s Hotel Room ©JBoardman

“Do you believe we’ll be safe here?”

“Safer than we were, Al,” Keller replied, “Duluth is a much larger city than any in Moosehead County.”

“That much is certain,” Simpson agreed, “Now—to find people worth hiring.”

“We could walk the ‘Mall,’ and see if there are any lowlifes there.”

“Good idea, Joey,” Simpson replied, “Let’s do it!”

PURSUIT—Episode 1—Scene 2 … Simpson & Keller walked the Mall … And found nobody they’d consider hiring—just a couple of homeless people trying to panhandle.

Keller & Simpson walked the mall

 Simpson & Keller walked the Mall

“Can you help a homeless army vet?” one of them asked.

Simpson gave him $20—and he thanked him with a toothless smile.

“I guess mall-walking isn’t going to work,” Simpson observed.

“So, it would appear,” Keller replied, “But the girl-watching isn’t bad.”

“I have a few contacts here,” Simpson said, “Let’s go back to the hotel—phone calls a free there.”

PURSUIT—Episode 1—Scene 3 … Boomer & Chris arrived outside Duluth Hotel … After checking the more popular hotels in Canal Park—stopped and hit the motherlode.

(Boomer & Chris teamed-up due to Wyatt having a nasty-bout with the flu, GENTLE READER)

“Well, lookie-here,” Chris grinned, “Big A & Keller’s cars!”

Boomer & Chis found Keller & Simpsons cars parked at Duluth Hotel ©JBoardman

“Big A & Keller’s cars!”

“Talley-HO!” Boomer exclaimed, “I think we should leave and give our friend Marshal a call.”

Our story will be Continued …



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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Do I need to to be snarky and pray Wyatt does not have the CoronaVirus?

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