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Of COURSE! Boomer has friends living here!

Silverthorn's BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—in the assistant-manager’s office… BIA Agent Pete Gasson met with Marshal Silverthorn, “You’re looking a bit—how shall I say it—disheveled—Pete?” Marshal Silverthorn grinned at his old friend.

“Our fugitive kicked-up a little dust making his escape from us in Stanleyville.”

“Your ‘fugitive’ is not wanted for anything on this reservation and Stanleyville is part of the Eagle Point Band of Ojibwe Reservation.”

“According to FBI Special Agent Slater this Boomer fellow is wanted for multiple murders.”

“Not that I’m aware of,” Silverthorn replied, “He was operating under FBI supervision, and gave a statement. Afterwards he was free to go. Are you by any chance, working at the request of FBI agent Slater?”


“My orders to you, as your superior officer, are to separate from Slater, and leave this reservation—with no harm done—while you can.”

“Point taken, Hiram—may I come back later for a beer?”

“Certainly—bring your lovely wife as well. It’s been too long.”
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“How do you feel about time travel?”

Silverthorn's BannerPreviously: “You three here to gamble?” Hiram, Jr. quipped with a wide smile.

“No Hy, we’re not,” Boomer replied, “It seems FBI Special Agent Dom Slater REALLY wants to pay us back for, as he called it, ‘skating,’ after the shoot-out in Stanleyville—and he’s involved the Bureau of Indian Affairs.”

“There were four of them, People-Dog Hiram,” Daisy added, “And we covered them with dust when we escaped!”

“Dom Slater is trouble,” Black Cloud frowned, “He’s quite vindictive and not one to cross. Precisely why I like dealing with him.”

“The problem will be with the BIA,” Hy concluded, “They don’t much like our way of doing things here.” Continue reading

On the lam?

Silverthorn's BannerPreviously: “There’s no way that Charger could keep-up with Strider,” Daisy was hoping for a thrilling ride—she had a “need for speed!”

“It can’t, but—I need to know what’s ahead, first.”

They had continued down (now) Moosehead County Road 62 for several miles when Flutters reported, “Roadblock three miles ahead in Miller’s Junction!”

“Thanks, Birdbrain, any way around it?”

“Yes O’Dog of Brown & White, If your human can drive through the gas station.”

“Thank you, Flutters,” Boomer laughed, “I’ll make that decision when we get there.”

Boomer continued to drive the speed limit until reaching the town when he slowed to a stop.

“What do you think, Daisy—can we fit?”

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“What do you think, Daisy—can we fit?”

Silverthorn's BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—Hiram invited his friends inside the casino… Reservation US Marshal Hiram Silverthorn, Jr. and his deputies, Sgt. Leslie Peltier, Deputies John Ryan & Jordan Jones, Sam Silverthorn Hiram Sr., Boomer and the Johnson brothers were in front of the bar.

On the floor of the not yet opened casino behind them were some of the best gamblers in the world playing all the games and slots. These folks made their living gambling and each had the ability to “feel” if the games & slots were rigged.

“You fellas want to try you luck?” Hiram asked.

“Only with Cujo at my side, Hiram.”

“Why Cujo?”

“So I could go back in time and play again and again and so on until I won.” Continue reading

“You fellas want to try your luck?”

Forest County BannerPreviously: “And Liam?” Buck Johnson was curious about Liam’s qualifications.

“He’s already a very good gambler,” Hiram replied, “More importantly—I believe he is an honest man. Besides, no one who doesn’t pass our background investigation will be hired. Billy Black Cloud has agreed to work as Liam’s assistant manager.”

“He’s leaving the FBI?” Marshal Hiram Jr. was a bit surprised.

“He has his twenty-years in, and has submitted his retirement papers.”

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“I can’t wait!”

Forest Couty BannerPreviously: “While there is some concern that we will be in the same environment that we both have known as underhanded and violent. I know that you are not that type of man. Things can be run on the up and up for the pleasure of people who like to take chances with their money. We have gotten to know the Silverthorn’s and Mr. Farkleberry and admire them very much. They accept us as we are now and do not judge our past. The townspeople do not look at us with scorn when we walk down the street. I never dared hope that I would ever have a loving relationship and fall so deeply in love with anyone as I have you.  Now I have grown to love this area and the people in it. Could I dare hope we could build a life together and maybe even have children someday?”   

The love than shone from Liam’s eyes almost lit up the room.  He turned to the people he now considers friends and said, “We would be honored to take the position—thank you for the offer!” Continue reading


Forest County Banner Previously: “Lar has a new/old pick-up for me—your mom and I are tired of sharing a car, so Lar rebuilt a ’58 Ford pick-up for me.”

They were soon at the Eagle Point Community Center—and almost as quickly on their way to Forest City—armed with the official annexation document, a document that did two things: it officially made the Forest Ojibwe Band part of the Eagle Point Band, and by treaty, eliminated Forest County.

“Can I drive, Pop, can I, can I? Continue reading

Minicucci and Apoloni

Forest County BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—In Stanleyville, Forest County… It was over in seconds—the gangsters failed to get off a single (accurate) shot—three died, six wounded, and the rest surrendered.

The FBI, Minnesota State Patrol, and paramedics were called-in and took over the scene. The FBI identified Boomer, Yatters, and company as undercover operatives under their supervision, and they were allowed to leave the scene after being interviewed.

“You skated this time, Boomer,” FBI Special Agent Dom Slater growled, “I don’t like you, and I’m going to make it my business to take you and Yatters down.”

“Nice talkin’ to you Slater—How’s the wife and kids?”

Slater stormed away, “Good job, Boomer—now he’s really pissed.”

“Yeah—just like his great-great-grandfather, Almonzo Slater, a Pinkerton-man I ran into in 1873.” Continue reading

It was over in seconds

Gang Wars BannerPreviously: We find Lt. Hiram Silverthorn, Jr., Sam Silverthorn, and Kiwidinock (Kiwi) Silverthorn were enjoying breakfast—alone, as the morning breakfast rush was over—when the heard the telltale crunch of gravel outside, “I guess I’d better get back behind the counter, boys.”

Kiwi no more than moved behind the counter when…

…Doc McLean entered—followed closely by—

HIRAM!” Kiwi exclaimed.

Meanwhile—In Stanleyville, Forest County…

Boomer, Yatters and Company arrived at Harry’s Bar­­—and arrayed outside were hit-squads from BOTH the McOsker AND the Minicucci gangs—Colonel Boomer didn’t hesitate, “Weapons free—FIRE FIRE FIRE!”

Chris would be proud! Continue reading

We will simply cease to exist!

Gang Wars BannerPreviously: “Get ready fellas, but keep your guns out of sight until I give the order to fire.”

Linda and Maddock Farkleberry aboard Skeedaddle, after a maximum speed run from Danger Bay saw the two yachts in the distance, “Get ready to deploy the turret, Mr. Farkleberry.”

“Aye-aye, Ma’am, raisin’ th’ turret now—what’s our target?”

At the same time… Flutters spied a large number of vehicles on the highway, both north and south of Stanleyville. Travelling at high-speed.

All the set-pieces were coming together. Continue reading