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The Siege of Fort Justice Part I

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: You’ll just have to go back and read what happened leading up to this episode, GENTLE READER, to get caught-up! There is just too much story to tell in this episode!

So…Here We Go! Continue reading

Outside of Buzzard’s Gulch

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: “Hey!” Sarah exclaimed, “Where’s Boomer and Daisy?”

“I didn’t see him leave,” Mac replied, “But I suspect the timelines have merged and he’s back with his command at the fort.”

“But we need his guns here,” Chris looked a bit worried.

“We’ll make do,” Ralph didn’t seem worried, “Paul and I oughta balance his loss—we weren’t all that helpful our last visit.”

“We’ll be fine,” Mac added, “Hey, look—we got trouble on horseback headin’ our way.”

“I count thirty,” sharp-eyed Buttons said, looking at the trail behind, “And they don’t look happy!” Continue reading


Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: When Coby Dalton died a few years back, Pa was heartbroken, after the funeral Christine told him not to worry about her and that she was fine. She would hire some men to help about the place. 

She had a plan alright and she did hire some men but it was not to run the ranch which she promptly sold. 

It was like she disappeared off the face of the earth. When her father was murdered she had no idea of how to get in touch with Christine.  

Lacy reached her grandmother, “Whatever are you doing here?”

“That is all the greeting I get?”

“You ran off and left without even a goodbye”

“Get over it Lacy, I had things to do adventures to live and I did not have time to listen to your father try to dictate how my life should be.  I am sorry my son is dead, he was a good man.  I am glad you tracked down his killer and I approve of your choice of professions. Now give me a hug.”

After all the introductions were made, Christine said, “Now let’s get down to some planning shall we?” Continue reading

Without warning

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: “I can tell you the when—tomorrow morning,” Cujo replied, “As to the where—events occurring in 1873 will determine that. Lacy Dalton has proved to be too unpredictable, AND her grandmother, Christine Dalton—even more so than Lacy, make it nearly impossible to determine.”

“Why not place us back at Fort Justice?” Chris asked, “They must show-up there.”

“Christine is why. She might be able to bring a hundred or so more expert gunslingers—and along the way—kill some folks who must survive. And too, for some reason—a reason I can’t determine—I’m unable to see all the possible 19th Century futures.” Continue reading

Christine Dalton and her bunch

Siege of Fort Justice BannerPREVIOUSLY: They walked in the bank and Mr. Thurman had a big grin on his face as he walked toward the three. Edward reached out and swung Mr. Thurman around pulling his gun and holding it to his head.

Lacy said, “Listen close as I am going to only say this once. One of you will fill my partner’s bag up with all monies behind the counter. The other one will open the door and accompany me to the safe and fill this bag. Do it now and no one will get hurt.”

The door opened all went through it but the cashier said, “Only Mr. Thurman knows the combination.”

“No problem,” Lacy replied, “Mr. Thurman will be most helpful.”

She motioned for Edward to take him back to the safe.

It was over quickly, three bags filled the bank employees flat on the ground hands behind their back. 

The Dalton gang went quickly out the back door and rode out-of-town.     Continue reading

“McIntyre, is it? Ur ye Scottish?”

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: A half hour later McDermid arrived—and clearly—in at least one respect—he could see eye to eye with Paul—they were exactly the same height, “Aam McDermid, who’s lookin’ fur a bar tender?”

“I am,” Paul replied.

McDermid paused—looking at Paul, “Harriot? Ur yo an Sassenach?”

“Why yes, I am English,” Paul couldn’t help but notice his rather spectacular pipe, “Um—there can be no smoking inside—it’s a state law.”

“Thes pipe? it’s nae fur smokin’, it’s jist fur shaw. we Scots ur supposed tae reek a pipe!”

“Can you work for an Englishman?”

“Of coorse I’ll wark fur an Sassenach,” McDermid replied, “Someain has tae keep heem in line!”

“I think you found your man, Paul,” Mac rumbled—a wide grin breaking-out.

“I think you are correct, Mr. McIntyre.”

*This new character created by Linda Bryant Halvorson Continue reading

Archibald McDermid

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: Edward and Arturo looked at each other.  Edward with a grin and Arturo with a frown.

“No Lacy it sounds like a good plan and I have no doubt we will be successful in relieving the bank of our much-needed funds,” Edward said.

“Si Senorita Lacy,” Arturo, not looking directly at Lacy, replied, “I will lead the men and we will wait for you at the border.”

MEANWHILE—In 2015 Danger Bay… Paul, Boomer, Mac, and Camille inspected the living quarters and both levels of the pub, and paused a few minutes in the main room, “This will work?”

“It will more than ‘work,’ Camille,” Paul replied, “While I’m quite qualified to bar tend, I expect I’ll need to hire a bartender, and, perhaps, some servers—any suggestions?”

“Boomer and Mac don’t seem to be employed,” Cam grinned.

Paul looked hard at his friends… Continue reading

“Si Senorita Lacy”

Siege of Fort Justice BannerPreviously: Dalton’s raiders had crossed over into Colorado and everyone was relieved to get out of the dust and into a lot of pine tree’s where it was cooler. The terrain was steeper but the coolness made up for that.

It had taken the group about thirty days to get this far but they were in no hurry. There had been plenty of stagecoaches to relieve the passengers of their material items. One even had a payroll on it which was unexpected. No more Pinkerton men were found. 

Lacy had a plan for their crossing of the southern half of Utah before they reached the border and Fort Justice. She discussed this plan with Edward and Arturo, “There is a town along the Colorado River and while the stagecoaches have been enough to sustain us so far we need an influx of money to get plenty of ammunition and supplies. I know Fort Justice is undermanned so we should have no problems but the miners may be another story. We must be prepared, agreed?” Continue reading

Our heroes were yanked back to 2015

Siege of Fort Justice BannerPreviously: “And I reckon,” Cooper was still grinning at the friendly banter, “It’s time to get on the trail to Fort Justice.”

“If it’s all the same to you, fellas, I’ll just stay here—to protect my interests.”

“Coward,” Linda muttered.

“No Ma’am,” Simpson replied, “With all the hooligans roaming the territory, my employees and I have a vested interest in protecting this mine—we do contribute to the operation of the fort—and economy—of Fort Justice.”

“It’s true, Linda,” Colonel Cooper added, “Adelbert contributes more to our economy than all the other businesses and mines—combined. You couldn’t have known that.”

An hour later, Cooper & Company were on the trail to Fort Justice.


Adelbert Samuel Simpson, Jr.

Return to Fort Justice Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: They barely had time to wheel around before the outlaws were upon them. The more experienced marshals drew their side arms and began shooting—Paul and Ralph were a couple of seconds slower.

The first three outlaws were dead before they hit the ground—their horses stopped and reared up—blocking the rest of the outlaws’ fire and causing their horses stop quite suddenly. Two of those riders fell to the ground.

The rest had  enough and quickly spurred their horses to the gallop.

They would not return. Continue reading