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Suddenly—the Adventure Train slowed

Back to the past BannerPreviously: She had learned of Buffalo Bill Cody’s western performance troupe, the “Buffalo Bill Combination” and had written him—telling him of her shooting skills. He wrote back some months later—and very-politely explained he could not take her on “…at this time.”

Both pleased by the fact he had replied, and disappointed, she was pondering her next opportunity.

Her last name, Dalton, would become legend in the late 1800s, as her cousins, sons of her Uncle James Dalton: Gratton (b 1861) Robert, (b. 1869), and Emmett Dalton (b. 1871) turned to crime in a spectacular—if short outlaw career.

She heard them before she saw them—they were making no effort at stealth, “These fellas have much to learn—perhaps I should give them a lesson,” she thought as she quickly and quietly took cover… Continue reading

Arturo’s smile—malevolent

Back to the past Banner Previously: “Oh this is but a sample of the ‘magic’ my friends from the future, can make,” James explained, “I have come to expect nearly anything from them.”

“Just wait until you see your personal quarters in the next car.”

“Oh, Boomer,” James grinned, “We have no need of such quarters—we will sleep here.”

“It rains here often—as you may have noticed, it is quite verdant here,” Mac said, “Perhaps you’d like some shelter?”

Black Hawk was a quick study, not unlike his older brother, “Yes, perfect!”

This, of course, negated the need for the second “Parlor Car,” so it was disconnected and the Adventure Train pulled slowly out of the Danger Bay railroad station.

And into dangerContinue reading

A confrontation in Flyspeck

Back to the Past BannerPreviously: As it happened, the Slater brothers and their remaining gang picked now to enter the town of Flyspeck—the selfsame town as where the brothers were looking for trouble, “Hey Paulo—gringos!”

“Si,” Paulo replied, “You think we should kill them?”

Meanwhile—In Danger Bay… We must catch-up to the train,” James Silverthorn had heard that the Adventure Train was departing Moosehead City, “Where’s Cujo when we need her?”

“Right here, Kuckunniwi,” Cujo replied, The train will stop atop the bluff to add a car—that car is for you and your braves. You will be needed. It will arrive in ten minutes—ride like the wind.” Continue reading

Assignment—Back to Fort Justice!

Back to the past Banner Previously: Boomer walked over to Yatkov and Harriott, “Why have you been brought to us with such an escort?”

“I’m terribly sorry but it seems as though Manitobah is not fond of myself,” Harriott replied, “And one hasn’t any ideah why.”

“They didn’t take that Adams* Model 1860 antique pistol away from you?”

“One doesn’t believe these blackguaaards noticed one had the pistol. Don’t you know?”

Boomer grinned, “This is ‘Murica, we speak English here.”

“Well I say – one daaareseay you, one’s old bean, Colonials doh not speak the Queen’s English at all.”

“I can see, Jay,” Sarah spoke quietly, “We’re going to get along with this fellow nicely—Boomer’s playing with him.”

“Yeah,” Jay replied, “He can barely suppress his smile.” Continue reading

Paul, 24th Earl of Harriott

Back to the past Banner Previously: “So—you don’t trust me?”

“I don’t know you well enough to judge that.”

“Mr. Henderson,” Boomer grinned as he produced his new/old FBI creds, “I have found over the years that auto retailers who incorporate that provision, are far less likely to scam buyers.”

Henderson thought for a moment—he could see some business advantages in including that in his contract—even his bad cars generally last longer than thirty days, “I like it—done!”

AND—a few days later when the weekend arrived… our intrepid time-travelers found themselves once again at the Cabin-on-the-Rock.

“I wonder where we’re off to this time?” Sarah thought out loud. Continue reading

Austin-Healey 3000

Back to the past Banner Previously: They decided to get dry and cleaned up and take Mandy and Sunshine to Collie’s.  Then drive on over to Forest City.  Since Mandy would be gone all night they could relax and enjoy themselves.  

Jimmy was thinking as he took a shower, “Could it be possible she likes me?  I already know I love her and Mandy. I wonder…”

MEANWHILE—Boomer and Linda stopped at Farkleberry’s… Lar ALWAYS has several restored cars and trucks—except today, “Wal m’source fer cars has dried-up in the past coupla weeks. I here-tell there’s a place what’s been keepin’ ol’ Heck mighty busy.”

“Who’s that?”

“Wal, Boomer,” Farkleberry replied, “It ‘pears-like they reopened the dealer up in Lakeside City—up 61 in Cook County, an they’re takin’ all th’ cars an’ trucks they kin git their hands on.”

“Where are they getting the cars, do you know?”

“Not fer sure, but the place is in Superior, Wisconsin.”

“Thanks Lar,” Boomer was now curious, “We’ll drive up there and take a look.” Continue reading

“We need to talk.”

Back to the past Banner Previously: Gunfire erupted from the rocks along the shoreline and one after another of the riders fell.

“I’m up to seven hits,” Chris exclaimed.

“I have eight!” Linda began to reload, “Four misses.”

“Ten out of twelve shots!” Chris shouted as she stopped to exchange cylinders.

“Good!” Linda was already reloading as the remaining riders felt the wrath of a half-dozen wolven warriors followed closely by three small Canine-Knights-of-the-Realm.

Many riders fell from their horses—the majority fled upon their terrified non-sentient horses.

They didn’t get far before the sentient steeds hiding in the woods were upon them—not a single raider survived.

From atop Sezavich’s Smokehouse, Boomer had Almonzo Slater centered in his scope. Continue reading

“… She can be so mysterious.”

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: Soon—Flutters caught up with Big Mac and Boomer…  

“Master says to make all haste to Danger Bay—where you will find Almonzo Slater and as many as 100 of his men.”


“The Brown and White is fine and acquitted herself well in battle. Master says to hurry!”

“We’ll stay on this road, it’s the fastest route to Danger Bay,” Mac turned to Thunderhoof, “Correct?”

“Yes,” his horse Thunderhoof, replied, “Follow me!”

Karl McIntyre didn’t seem surprised by the talking-horse, “So—my horse isn’t the only one.”

THAT surprised both Mac and Boomer.

Lacrosse whinnied, “I am amazed you humans didn’t notice…” Continue reading

“They’re only humans.”

Searching for Almonzo bannerPreviously: And, from out of nowhere, three plucky “Canine-Knights-of-the-Realm-in-service-of-Ringo-Wolvenking” appeared, “Hello PeopleDog Chris.”


“We can’t stop the column completely, there are nearly two-hundred of them,” Daisy bayed, “But we can significantly cut their number.”

“As the wolves attack the middle of column,” Pepper instructed, “Engage the rear of the column.”

“Let’s do it!” Chris grinned as she drew her .44s and began aiming and shooting—Merle and Linda joined-in.

Still—they were horribly outnumbered… Continue reading

“We could sure use the dogs and Flutters…”

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: “I wonder where the marshal of this fair town might be.”

“He is me—still,” Mac laughed, “By my calculations we were here last—a day ago.”

Before they could leave two men wearing marshal’s badges walked into the office, “Sorry we’re late Marshal, the train from Fort Leavenworth broke down in Iowa. Name’s McIntyre, Karl McIntyre, and this fella is my deputy, Lawrence Yatkowsky.”

Boomer looked at both with a rapidly dropping jaw, Mac leaned close and whispered, “My great-grandfather McIntyre, I think.” Continue reading