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“Cob” makes a Decision

Simpson was enjoying this small victory when he happened to look up just on time to see Mac & Cob leaving Silverthorn’s. And he rightly concluded—now would be a good time to leave. His last conversation with Mac was of … Continue reading

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Later that night at Swig’s

2nd Season, Chapter I, Episode 8 “See you later, Bob, Simpson said as he was leaving, “I’ll be stopping by Swig’s for a cold one tonight.” “Are you out of your mind?” “No, but I will be thirsty.” “Oh great!” … Continue reading

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Danger Bay—Episode 27—Swigs (continued)!

Story By Ines Hegedus-Garcia From Episode 25: “…and Mac sensing things were about to get out of hand, was just turning to face Big A, when he was hit by a well-aimed beer mug…” Mac, stunned, grabbed the table-top and … Continue reading

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Danger Bay—Episode 26—Swigs!

By Molly Halloran This episode takes place after “Return to the Real World—Old Men & Coffee Shops” (a continuation of Episode 25). Today we find the following folks of Danger Bay gathered that evening for a little relaxation at “swigs!” … Continue reading

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