Some of them would actually sleep


While on the road to the Port of Danger Bay… He knew he could make it to this Port of Danger Bay without refueling—but not without some sleep—he’d been driving now for nearly twelve hours. Up ahead he saw a sign “Campgound 2 Miles” and decided to stop there.

After checking-in at the office, he found his way to the “Campers & Trailers” area and negotiated his way to his assigned site. As he was driving by he was surprised to see a familiar face…

Season 7—Chapter 10—Unclaimed—Episode 5:

He stopped and lowering the passenger-side, called out, “You look familiar. Do I know you?”

The man turned and looked hard at him, “I don’t think so. I just came up from Kansas—you ever been there?”

He was stopped cold by the question, “I’m not sure—maybe.”

After he parked the truck ©2012 Jack Boardman

“I’m not sure—maybe.”

He parked his rig in his assigned campsite and unhooked the trailer, attended to the needs of the horse (who seemed to be quite vocal—as if he were speaking—almost.)

He entered the front living quarters part of the trailer and was surprised to find the dog madly-barking inside. He knew he liked dogs, so he patted this one on the head, “Nice to meet you, but where did you come from?”

That question elicited another furious round of barking. When he didn’t answer, the dog lowered its head, dejectedly. The man crawled into bed and was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

Doc Shouse had all she could handle at PawZ and it had been a long day since they arrived back in 2012. She wasn’t JUST saddened about Boomer’s apparent demise, she was also worried about the lack of stray dogs there.

It wasn’t normal. Doctor Red Cloud informed her that the Beagle Brigade went out daily in search of abandoned dogs & cats and only occasionally found a dog and almost never a cat.

Doc Shouse & Buttons at PawZ ©2012 Jack Boardman

It wasn’t normal.

Maybe people have finally stopped dumping unwanted critters?” She wondered to herself. But she knew the answer—humans can be and too often are callous towards animals. Disgusted, Chris went to her private apartment, with Buttons quietly padding along with her, and went to bed—sleep eluding her as her mind played-out the day, over and over.

The rest of our intrepid time travelers were in various stages of calling it a day and settling-in for the night.

Some of them would actually sleep.

To be Continued…


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Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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18 Responses to Some of them would actually sleep

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    You sure are being mean to Daisy! 😐


  2. John James says:

    Boy have I missed alot since Ive been away. 😦


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m a little worried about the lack of animals, too!


  4. The unwanted kitties all ended up at my place. 😉


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    My heart will break if something bad is happening to the animals. Why the hell would Big A want these animals..selling for delicacies on the black market? I shutter at the though! No wonder I can not sleep! 😦


  6. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that after much concerted deliberation and consultation with the Master this what ever this is has got nuttin to do with birds – we are beyond the “beyond”!


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