Elk City

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: In order for them to have some quality time together and away from the pressures of flipping between centuries and being a lawman they asked Cujo for permission to go away.  This was granted with a happy howl.

All that was left was to decide where to go.  Chris had seen enough deserts to last her till the end of time.  Wyatt wanted to go somewhere where it was very peaceful and quiet.

“I’ve always wanted to travel along the two most iconic highways, US 61, and Route 66,” Wyatt suggested, “I’ve already run 61 from Canada to New Orleans, ‘The Blues Highway,’ with the first stretch no longer ‘US 61,’ but as you know is now ‘MN 61.’ Now I’d like to run ‘Route 66’ at least from St. Louis to California.” Continue reading

With pleasure

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously:

Cap and Edith stopped in Two Harbors to spend the night in the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast, while the steam yacht continued on its slow journey up-lake.

They looked to any who may have observed them as rather wealthy people on a leisurely journey.

They stopped in Grand Marais and booked a three bedroom suite in the high-end East Bay Suites. They stayed for a week—tipped well—and made a show of their wealth. But not in an off-putting, overbearing way.

The City of Grand Marais would long remember, fondly, this group of wealthy individuals. Individuals who would mix amiably with the common-folk—Yah-sure—you-betcha!

The steam yacht was observed by the North Bay Lighthouse keeper during her rounds as it entered the Port of Danger Bay harbor—and admired, “Ol’ Cap oughta get a kick out of that boat.”

In point of fact—GENTLE READER—We ALL will remember this yacht—soon enough, I’ll warrant!

They won’t be fond memories. Continue reading

The High Untrespassed

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: “Ach, nay, Merle,” Archie replied, “We kin do boath—satisfy those who wish snooty-fare, an’ those who nay kin afford such. An’ we nay have ta embarrass any by their choice.”

“How?” Boomer asked.

“One price for all—we’ll still make a profit—an’ let the flavor of each product determine how popular it becomes.”

“Archie and I will be brewing our “house” brews right here in a range from black to pale, stout through lager.”

“Wine and spirits?”

“We’re working on that,” Paul replied, “There are several small wineries in the area, and a couple of distillers—I’ll be meeting with them next week.”

“What can we do to help?” Mac asked.

“Go and sample some their products.”

“With pleasure,” Merle grinned. Continue reading

A large steam yacht

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: The Cabin-on-the-Rock alone will remain atop the bluff—but now, won’t be visible to any but established friends.

Now—GENTLE READER, our IRL home tour:

The Cabin on the Rock:

Cabin on the Rock

Cabin on the Rock

Home of Mac, Collie & Merle McIntyre

Paul Harriott’s place: Continue reading

Our Cyber-Homes

2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously: “Perhaps we’ll stay, Linda,” Ralph did want to unwind a bit from his stint in command, “I’m sure Archie must have some appealing wine for you.”

He did—and they remained.

“Oh—that wine looks delightful,” Sarah grinned, “Archie?”

“Aye, lass, coming right up.”

“This wine is delightful—more please.”


“Ralph—this is Danger Bay.”

“Yes dear—I forget that sometimes. Archie, a refill please.”

“RALPH!” Linda exclaimed.

It felt good for all to unwind from their adventure.

There were, however, events in motion that would change that “feel good” for certain—and perhaps alter life in the Port of Danger Bay, Minnesota, forever.

But for now, GENTLE READER, we’ll bask in the glow of their collective safe return from the past.

Just for now… Continue reading


2015 Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously:  From the left, the irregular cavalry commanded by Carl McIntyre and consisting of the Danger Bay time travelers and James Silverthorn’s native horsemen arrived.

From the right, Colonel Cooper’s command arrived.

They simultaneously charged the now panicking outlaws and showed no mercy until they dropped their fire arms and surrendered.

At that point, McIntyre’s cavalry rode into the town of Fort Justice to find and arrest Lacy Dalton.

The Battle for Fort Justice The Battle for Fort Justice

Lacy and Christine Dalton were many things—but they were not fools. As soon as they heard the cannons fire, they mounted their horses and along with their closest comrades—rode out of town.

A thorough search was made in every possible direction they might have gone—even with the help of Flutters and the dog-people—they were not found.

They WILL cause trouble—AGAIN! Continue reading

Port of Danger Bay Blog Changes

Daisy “Legs” Beagle

Because this blog is not topical—we have the luxury of writing ahead and scheduling posts to deploy on a specific date & time.

With the new Adventure—Adventure 6, publishing on August 15th, we have made some significant changes to the way we present our cheesy-fiction:

One story illustration per post—Illustrations take several hours to create and the time spent creating them could be better spent writing.

A single author writes the entire adventure—this makes for better story continuity.

Each adventure will concentrate on just a few main real world characters and their interactions with cyber-only characters.

It follows, then, that each adventure will have a single story line—this is something from which we strayed.

Please also note the new banner—denoting the fact that the new reimagined Port of Danger Bay village is mostly BEHIND the tree line along the main street, Silverthorn Avenue/Historic US 61. And we’re no longer displaying the South Bluff—those areas will show up in individual posts to the blog.

Finally, we are looking for folks who may be interested in having fun writing episodic fiction in the style of the old time serial melodramas which would precede the featured film in theaters. No one currently writing takes themselves too seriously.

The Siege of Fort Justice Part III—Conclusion

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: “If I know Lacy—she’s already becoming impatient,” Chris offered, “Her entire history as I see it, is impulse-driven.”

MEANWHILE—at the same time inside LaCantina… “They won’t show themselves!” Lacy Dalton frustration clearly showing, “Move the men in front of the fort and prepare dynamite charges!”

Christine began to object, “But Lacy, we’ll need those gates…”

“We’ll build new ones!” Lacy cut her off, “If we don’t take that damned fort—we might as well pack it up and move-on!”

Christine sighed, “Do it boys. Have the men shoot at the wall-top.”

An hour later all the outlaws were arranged in front and began consistent, but sporadic fire at the wall, while a team placed crates of dynamite at the base of the doors.

There was nothing Boomer and his men could do to stop them. Continue reading

The Siege of Fort Justice Part II

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: “Thanks Ralph—I’ll prepare our little ‘surprise’!” Still smiling he turned to the troopers standing next to the two 4 pounder horse-guns, “Okay Corporal McCoy—roll your guns into position.”

“Right away First Sergeant Boomer,” McCoy replied, “Doya think our guns will make a difference?”

Boomer wasn’t sure—but he had to maintain morale. After escorting the horse-guns to the fort, Lt. Col. Cooper and his detachment left—to execute another part of the plan, and too—Boomer was concerned about Ralph, alone without support in the depot.

Sure—the plan looked good on paper—but when the time comes for all the pieces to come together…

He called Ralph, “What do you think about our chances?”

“I’m trying hard NOT to think about it—there are almost 400 outlaws surrounding you, and we have what—maybe 50?” Continue reading

The Siege of Fort Justice Part I

Siege of Fort Justice Banner Previously: You’ll just have to go back and read what happened leading up to this episode, GENTLE READER, to get caught-up! There is just too much story to tell in this episode!

So…Here We Go! Continue reading