The Battle Of Danger Bay

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: MEANWHILE—Chris, Linda, Merle, the dog & wolf-people… were cautiously following Slater’s bunch—too outnumbered to try again to take them on—and satisfied with the damage they’d already inflicted.

That is—until Cujo appeared, “There is a trail about a mile ahead—turn left on that trail—it will allow you to get to Danger Bay ahead of Slater and meet-up with the rest of your friends.”

“What trail?” Chris asked, “I know this area and I know of no such trail.”

“Trust me—you will find a trail,” Cujo grinned—and was gone.

“You know my big sister wouldn’t lead you astray?” Continue reading

“… She can be so mysterious.”

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: Soon—Flutters caught up with Big Mac and Boomer…  

“Master says to make all haste to Danger Bay—where you will find Almonzo Slater and as many as 100 of his men.”


“The Brown and White is fine and acquitted herself well in battle. Master says to hurry!”

“We’ll stay on this road, it’s the fastest route to Danger Bay,” Mac turned to Thunderhoof, “Correct?”

“Yes,” his horse Thunderhoof, replied, “Follow me!”

Karl McIntyre didn’t seem surprised by the talking-horse, “So—my horse isn’t the only one.”

THAT surprised both Mac and Boomer.

Lacrosse whinnied, “I am amazed you humans didn’t notice…” Continue reading

“They’re only humans.”

Searching for Almonzo bannerPreviously: And, from out of nowhere, three plucky “Canine-Knights-of-the-Realm-in-service-of-Ringo-Wolvenking” appeared, “Hello PeopleDog Chris.”


“We can’t stop the column completely, there are nearly two-hundred of them,” Daisy bayed, “But we can significantly cut their number.”

“As the wolves attack the middle of column,” Pepper instructed, “Engage the rear of the column.”

“Let’s do it!” Chris grinned as she drew her .44s and began aiming and shooting—Merle and Linda joined-in.

Still—they were horribly outnumbered… Continue reading

Leaving town wasn’t so easy!

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Previously: Merle, Chris and Linda were instructed to stay in town and watch over the saloon, as the Slaters left town to catch-up with Almonzo, “We need you to keep this place in line—those fellas just can’t be trusted.”

“Yes boss,” Chris figured the best thing to do was agree, and hang around for an hour or so—before heading out themselves.

After they left Chris turned to Linda, “Wherever they’re going, we’d best follow.” Continue reading

“We could sure use the dogs and Flutters…”

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: “I wonder where the marshal of this fair town might be.”

“He is me—still,” Mac laughed, “By my calculations we were here last—a day ago.”

Before they could leave two men wearing marshal’s badges walked into the office, “Sorry we’re late Marshal, the train from Fort Leavenworth broke down in Iowa. Name’s McIntyre, Karl McIntyre, and this fella is my deputy, Lawrence Yatkowsky.”

Boomer looked at both with a rapidly dropping jaw, Mac leaned close and whispered, “My great-grandfather McIntyre, I think.” Continue reading

Ed Slater’s good decision

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: “Yep,” Merle couldn’t help but notice the two men’s physique—and hoped to avoid a brawl, “We heard about this place in Grand Marais.”

“Good or bad?”

“All good—a place with opportunities.”

“Opportunities for a hired gun,” Edward Slater replied, “But not for women dressed like that, women need to dress like women.”

Merle thought, “Oh no—you’re not going there…”

Before he finished his thought—four Remington .44s were pointed at the two unfortunate men—in less than an eye-blink both Chris and Linda drew-down on them. Continue reading

“Opportunities for a hired gun…”

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: “He didn’t like it much, he was a lumberman,” Boomer quipped, “I think that was about the time his first wife divorced him and married a fellow 20 years younger (that and the fact he was a lumberman are true—the rest is pure fiction). I hope to get the opportunity to meet him.”

“I understand that, Boomer, but I want you with me,” Mac continued, “You and I will go to Moosehead City and get the lay of the land there—I need your guns with me—just in case.”

“What about me?” Flutters asked.

“You and the dog-people take to the woods around Forest City—along the way see if you can hook-up with any sentient wolves and ask them to help.”

Well—GENTLE READER—it appears Mac has set things in motion—whaddaya think? Continue reading


Searching BannerPreviously: Brothers Brave Hawk and James Silverthorn met the marshals.

“The Marshal is dead,” James greeted, “Killed shortly after your last visit here.”

“Why didn’t you kill Almonzo, Deputy Boomer?” Brave Hawk wanted an answer, “He killed the marshal shortly after you returned to the future.”

“Let’s discuss this inside, Brave Hawk,” James’ suggestion should be understood as more of an order, “Over a flask of black ale.” Continue reading

Searching for Almonzo

Searching BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—on Historic Highway 61—not far from PawZ… Dr. James Red Cloud over the months since his colleague, Dr. Sandra Peterson adopted her, had come to love 12-year-old Mandy Peterson as family.

Mandy was a natural with animals—and a quick learner. She was interested in Ojibwe traditions and history. In particular, ‘though, field craft—the ability to pass through the forests and prairie without leaving a trail—and to follow a trail left by others—and she was good at it.

So when Mandy learned of the search for clues in the murder of Kiwi Silverthorn she wanted to help, “Please Uncle Jimmy, we need to search with the Beagle Brigade—PLEASE UNCLE JIMMY—PLEASE!”

“Let’s check with your mom.”

Sandra was not sure at first if this was a such a good idea—realizing how good Kiwi had treated them when they first arrived, AND how determined her daughter was—she agreed.

Red Cloud, Mandy, and the “Beagle Brigade” had been searching in the heavy rain for less than an hour when…


The Beagles and Sunshine found something! Continue reading

Mandy, Sunshine and The Beagle Brigade

Silverthorn's BannerPreviously: Hiram jumped as his phone vibrated before it rang.

“I really gotta eliminate that vibrate—it always makes me jump,” Hiram said to Lar as he pulled the phone from his pocket, “This is Hiram…”

“Oh HIRAM!” Collie interrupted, crying, “Kiwi—Kiwi—Kiwi has been shot! She’s—she’s—she didn’t survive, Hiram. I am so sorry!”

Hiram dropped the phone—his face blank.

“What is it?” Farkleberry asked, dropping his fine-tuned hayseed speech, “Hiram! Talk to me!”

“It’s Kiwi,” Hiram’s face ashen, “She’s dead, Lar—My wife of fifty years is dead!”


“She was murdered—shot. That was Collie McIntyre on the phone.”

“What can I do?” A teary-eyed Lar asked.

“Get the boys and notify all the law enforcement agencies, Lar—I’m going to my wife!” Continue reading