Move everyone to Fort Justice

Return to Fort Justice Banner Previously: Lacy was washing her hair and washing with her special soap.  It felt wonderful.

Arturo had a roaring fire going and had laid out their bedrolls side by side in anticipation and hoped he had not over stepped his bounds. Stripping off his clothes he headed for the stream.

When he reached Lacy she smiled and told him to turn around.  She lathered him up laughingly telling him he was going to smell like lavender.

Arturo did not care—he closed his eyes and just felt her hands on him.  It was so sensual he never wanted it to stop. She washed him everywhere and finally turned him around and kissed him.

She said in a husky voice,“Lets test those bedrolls out.

What happened will stay between them and the stars in the sky, but if they were church-going people they would have had a story to tell in confession. It was difficult for Ed Slater to remember his pact with Arturo: “Who knows if either one of us has a chance with Lacy, Arturo—but should she pick you—I will accept that, in our business, ‘compadres,’ are few and far between…” Continue reading

Edward’s Heartache

Return to Fort Justice BannerPreviously: “We didn’t expect you this visit,” Chris added, “We understood you had business to attend to.”

“We completed that on Saturday,” Paul said, “It’s now Sunday in 2015, so Cujo sent us here, thinking you might appreciate the help.”

“We need the help—that’s for certain,” Chris was happy for that, “But tell us about your businesses, we could use a little good news about now.”

“Perhaps that can wait ‘til we return to 2015—we can show you then,” Ralph suggested, “It seems what’s happening here is more important for us to learn.”

Taking-turns, Jay, Sarah & Chris told the what they knew for certain, seasoned with a little informed speculation.

After the update—Paul made a most-logical (and frankly—necessary for this story-line) suggestion, “Swear us in, and hand-out the badges—we have work to do.”

Meanwhile—a new day had begun near the Kansas-Colorado Border…

The morning after the night before (when Lacy was feeling “…a bit tingly in the saddle…)” Continue reading

The door swung open

Return to Fort Justice Banner Previously: They couldn’t help but feel sorry for those deeply disappointed folks who now had nowhere else to go—and no way to get there.

The mood of the marshals brightened instantly with the arrival of Deputy Flutters, “Looks like you guys have been having a party—with all those happy faces.”

“We were just waiting for you to arrive, Flutters,” Jay grinned, “What’s a party without a carrier pigeon present?”

“Fun?” Pepper muttered quietly to Buttons, causing her to laugh out loud.

“I can see my arrival made your day, Buttons,” Flutters misjudged her laugh (of course), “I have news from Mac.” Continue reading

I have news from Mac

Return to Fort Justice BannerPreviously: She thought about the French soap she had purchased when she was last in a town, along with some stuff to wash her hair that smelled good too.  A girl has to feel like a girl sometimes.

“Which one shall I choose for this night’s dalliance?” Lacy smiled to herself with wicked anticipation. She was feeling a bit tingly in the saddle.

Meanwhile—Flutters found Colonel Cooper… “I’ve been expecting you, Deputy Flutters!”

“Greetings from Marshal McIntyre, Colonel,” Flutters replied, “Our orders?”

“First, I need to know the threat we are facing. As you can see, I’m a little short of troopers.”

“We know there is a huge number of outlaws headed for Fort Justice, we estimate over a hundred. We think they’re nearing the border with Colorado by now.”

“Oh,” Cooper grinned, “Is that all?” Continue reading

Dalton’s Raiders On The Move!

Return to Fort Justice Banner Previously: “Excuse me, Mac—why is that bird so cooperative?”

“Ah—Sar-Major Yatkov,” Mac replied, “Because Boomer and Daisy aren’t with us for him to tease.”

“How far to the mine?”

“We’re not going there,” Mac replied, “Not yet, anyway.”

Meanwhile—In North Fort Justice… Chris and Sarah had their weapons drawn and pointed at Vance in less than an eye-blink, “Any more questions—sir?”

“No ma’am,” Vance replied to Chris, “You’ve convinced me.”

“Very-well,” Sarah grinned, “We’re now the law in North Fort Justice.”

At the same time—somewhere on the Kansas plains…

There were at least a hundred of them—probably more… Continue reading

“ELEVEN troopers?”

Return to Fort Justice BannerPreviously: “You have lawmen here?”

“We did, until he was killed. We now rely on the cavalry to keep the peace.”

“We’re not without experience in peacekeeping,” Sarah said, “Perhaps that’s a better opportunity?”

“Pardon me, Ma’am,” Vance laughed, “But, two of you are women.”

Jay Cooper sighed as he thought, “Oh no—you shouldn’t have gone there…”

And finally—The Adventure Train pulled in to Fort Justice… “Wow! This place looks deserted!”

“It certainly does, Boomer,” Mac replied, “Time of day?”

“I doubt it, but I guess we’d better head for the fort and check-in with the colonel.”

“I don’t think we’ll be very happy with what he has to say.” Continue reading

“Dalton’s Raiders”

Return to Fort Justice Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: As they rode up, they kept both hands in sight, “Good day. My name is Jonathan Derby, and these are my brothers—Ralph, Ira, Joseph, Franklin, and Timothy.”

“What do you fellas want?” Lacy asked, rifle pointing loosely in their direction.

“To begin with—not to get shot,” Jonathan replied, “But I’m sure you’re not cowboys, or shopkeepers—or lawmen. We aren’t either. We are, however, looking for others such as ourselves—looking for opportunities—not necessarily legal opportunities. With whom do we apply?”

“I run this outfit“Me,” Lacy replied, glancing back at the now former Slater-Morales gang, “I run this outfit—right boys?” Continue reading

“I run this outfit—right boys?”

Return to Fort Justice BannerPreviously: So Lacy and Blake headed out to find the bastard that murdered their Pa. The trail with the strange hoof print was easy to pick up his direction.  

After traveling and checking out towns; it took them about a month to find him. But they did not get the chance to kill him, he was already dead having drank from a poison pond. He and his horse both lay there dead.

Then there were decisions to make. Blake wanted to find a place to stay but Lacy wanted to be on the road. She really wanted to work in the Wild West Show. 

In Wichita they went to the church and told the pastor their story. It so happened he and his wife were childless and after meeting his wife they agreed—Blake could stay with them. She was glad Blake did not have any blood on his hands.

She smiled as laid-down and drifted off to sleep.

Season 12—Adventure 2—Return to Fort Justice—Episode 4… Chris and the Coopers, after an uneventful remainder-of-the-journey, left the Adventure Train just outside of North Fort Justice and rode into town.

Chris and the Coopers rode into North Fort Justice There was no one on the street, and the shops appeared empty. On their right they saw a couple of rows of tents—and people watching them. But—even the cantina appeared empty, “I can hear people in the saloon at the end of the street.”

“Thanks Buttons,” Chris smiled (she and the others always smiled when Buttons spoke), “Let’s pay the saloon a visit.”

“We’ve only been off the train for fifteen minutes and already my mouth is a desert,” Jay quipped, “Do you think they have cold water?”

Continue reading

Lacy’s Story

Return to Fort Justice BannerPreviously: After both Paul and Ralph described their preferences—Farkleberry’s face lit-up.

“You fellers couldn’t’a come lookin’ at a better time,” He said as he disappeared behind the station. First, he brought out a Triumph GT6, followed by a ’65 Aston-Martin DB-5.

“Wal—whaddaya think,. Fellers?” Continue reading