“Danger Bay Airfield One Mile.”

Arrival Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 14—Adventure 1—Arrival—Episode 8—Scene 1… Overlook Road in Lakeview City… Lacy stopped on Overlook Road in Lakeview City where she could see the entire downtown: Johnson’s Supply, yet another Silverthorn’s Café, A coffee shop, Lakeview Motors, and a bar.

The bar didn’t interest her… the coffee shop did…

Lacey stopped on Overlook Road in Lakeview City ©Jack BoardmanA coffee shop, Lakeview Motors, and a bar.

She wasn’t that hungry—but some good, coffee shop coffee, appealed—so she drove down into the village to git’r some of that stuff. As she made her way along the bluff she noticed a dozen or more cabins—all with the same spectacular view of the town and the lake beyond. That solved the riddle of where the townspeople resided.

The coffee shop, The Codger Café, piqued her interest—she hadn’t yet met the “Codgers,” but heard they were the oldest characters of this blog, which pre-dates the blog itself by at least a year.

She was greeted by Medford Ambrose, Jay & his wife, Bee Merton, “You must be Lacy.”

Lacey had coffee at the Codgers’ Café ©Jack Boardman“You must be Lacy.”

“I am,” Lacy replied, “You are ‘the Codgers,’ I presume?”

“We are indeed,” Jay poured her a mug-full, “Along with Carl McIntyre, the oldest characters Boomer created—besides himself—about 2007.”

“Boomer was, ‘Our not quite 60 Codger wannabe,’ back then,” Medford grinned, “Now he’s our not quite 70 Codger wannabe!”

“Who is this Cujo?” Lacey asked, “A goddess?”

“Not a goddess, she is the gatekeeper of the Great Beyond, and Mistress of the Space-Place-Continuum.”

“Is that all,” Lacey quipped, “Not God, then?”

“No, God is personal for all beings, and for some, not at all.”

“Ohhhh—we’re getting into some heavy stuff,” Lacey replied, “I should head out as I have more exploring to do.”

“Thanks for stopping.”

Arrival—Episode 8—Scene 2… Historic US 61 Entry to Danger Bay Airfield­­­ Lacey drove past a side road—and hit the brakes—hard! She turned around and returned to the intersection. After the last time she missed a driveway she learned to explore side roads.

Debra and Joey drove up, “I see I’m not the only one following side roads.”

The sign they saw read: “Danger Bay Airfield One Mile.”

All three arrived at the Danger Bay Airfield entry ©Jack Boardman“Danger Bay Airfield One Mile”

They turned onto the road and followed it down a relatively steep hill—a left turn followed by a right turn and on to the airfield.

“We saw two old warbirds dropping below the tree line,” Joey replied, “Bigass twin engine warbirds—see? Here they come.”

Two big P38 Lightnings, one they would soon learn was a “pathfinder,” tasked in the Second World War with leading bombers to specific targets, the other a P38J single-seat fighter tasked during the war with escorting bombers to and from their targets.

And then they recognized the pilots…




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7 Responses to “Danger Bay Airfield One Mile.”

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Along with Carl McIntyre, the oldest characters Boomer created—besides himself—about 2007.”

    Are you calling me OLD? 😀

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Long live “The Codgers!” 🙂

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