A Glimmer of Hope

Murder in Danger Bay BannerPreviously: Wyatt Earp? I recall watching a TV show about Wyatt Earp.”

“Yes,” Wyatt replied, “I have watched a few reruns myself, based very loosely on my great-great-grandfather. Chris tells me you may have a lead for us about the murder of Millie Gamboge.”

Kauffy reached for his briefcase and pulled out a photograph…

Season 10—Chapter 1—A Murder in Danger Bay—Episode 8: Kauffy reached for his briefcase and pulled out a photograph and held the photograph in his hand, “This was taken the night of the murder. I was birding this night because I heard through the bird community that a pair of Snowy Owls had been seen by the forest close to the Gamboge cabin. Snowy Owls are not native to Minnesota but come down from the frozen tundra of Canada when the winters are too harsh. This known as ‘invasion years.’ There is no permanent population of the owls in the state. Fascinating birds, not many other birds or predators can threaten them.” 

“This is all very interesting,” said Wyatt, “But what does it have to do with the murder?”

You must be Chris

“This is all very interesting,” said Wyatt, “But what does it have to do with the murder?”

“Well, Marshall Earp,” Roth handed the photograph to Wyatt, “I had taken a lot of pictures of the area and some of my shots captured other things. I only discovered this picture yesterday when I was in my darkroom. Photography is my second passion so it took me a couple of days to process them. When I was shooting at the locomotive that was going by on the tracks I caught this picture of a silver car and upon examination and there is a partial plate number.”

Wyatt looked at the photograph and was very excited, “This would really help with the database search and will narrow down greatly. I appreciate this—you have made this process much easier for me, may I keep this?”

“Yes,” Roth replied as he closed his briefcase and prepared to leave, “I have another copy and want it for the value of the locomotive which was humming along.”

“Thank you Mr. Roth,” Wyatt replied, “This photo could be most helpful.”

“Please, call me Kauffy,” Roth said as he stood and extended his hand, “Glad to have been of help in a small way. This murder has had everyone in town on edge and the sooner it is solved the better. To think I may have been there just outside while the murder was taking place. Most unsettling!”

Chris and Wyatt watched him leave satisfied they finally had a lead that could lead somewhere. 

To be continued…


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4 Responses to A Glimmer of Hope

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    Kauffy kauffed-up a lead!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    and the lead just might lead somewhere!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Or is it possible he’s mis-leading … ??

    Liked by 1 person

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